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Find books I have found useful for my family and others I think may prove useful to my readers. I do receive a modest compensation for the Amazon items listed if you choose to purchase.


    1. Hey there,

      I just found your blog and I love it! I've already prepared by evacuation list and I can't wait to show the family.

      I noticed that you asked about our story. Our stories started when my husband and I were kids. We had difficult childhoods, which included lack of food. As a result, I am always worried about having enough food to feed my children, even when we have plenty. I started a food storage area in our basement as soon as we purchased our first house together. Despite having a lot of food I still worried about feeding my family. Three years ago a blizzard hit our area. We couldn't leave our home for three weeks. Thanks to our food storage, no one went without their favorite foods. That gave me encouragement that I was doing a good job, and inspired me to store more. It's a good thing, because now we are eating our food storage as we work our way through these difficult financial times.

      I have reached the place that allows me to built our storage items up again. I discovered your blog just in time. Thank you so much for putting this all together. I can't wait to print out your monthly guides and get started in July.

      Have a great 4th of July everyone,
      West Virginia

    2. I love this site! I have been able to reduce my monthly costs by using these methods! Yet, I still have more than enough to feed us and help others when they are in need! My savings in March allowed us to donate two hams, coffee, sugar and creamer to a low income apartment complex so that they could do a pot luck Easter dinner! Preparedness is important for not only your family but for those in need! Love this site! Nancy, Ohio


    Thanks for your comments and suggestions!