FREE Printables

Here are some FREE printables you may find useful for food storage and emergency preparedness.

Weekly Preparedness Challenges - Each post has a printable.
2020 LDS Home Storage Center Detailed Product List - my version.
What to Pack in Your Car BEFORE an Evacuation - what to store and where.
Grab and Go Evacuation List in 10 Steps - prioritize what to take.

Oatmeal Mix from food storage.
Mable's Sugar Cookie Recipe - the best!
30 Disaster Menus: What to Eat Without Power - list of menus.
3-Month Food Storage Breakfast Ingredients - amounts of breakfast ingredients.
Menu Plan - incorporate food storage in everyday menus.
7-Day Disaster Menu - ideas on what to cook outdoors and how.

Emergency Information and Resource Form.pdf
Emergency Information and Resource Form.xls
Neighborhood Resource Form.pdf
Neighborhood Resource Form.xls
Neighborhood Skills Form.pdf
Neighborhood Skills Form.xls
Neighborhood Medical Specialists Form.pdf
Neighborhood Medical Specialists Form.xls
Neighborhood Special Medical Needs Form.pdf
Neighborhood Special Medical Needs Form.xls

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