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  1. I love your blog & posts. I have learned so much but am still a baby at food storage. I feel as if I have absorbed as much as I can now its time for action. How do I find week 1 of your goals? Is there a link I can start from the beginning & go from there?

  2. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your doing this. It's a blessing, truly. My question is ..... for one person what does your "cold medicine" supply list look like? I'd hate to waste a ton of money on products that will never get use. I know this is not a perfect science, your best guesstimate will do. Thank you again.

  3. Sadly to say I am only now getting myself organized with 2 close calls with Tsunami warnings here in Hawaii, I decided to get going with preparing my family for the inevitable whether it be the Tsunami or a Hurricane or flood, I want to be prepared, and your site is so simple to use and follow. MAHALO for not making it so difficult in following simple plans. .

  4. Hi Valerie,
    I love your website and your new goals or the upcoming year.
    Do you have a list of WHAT to put into a family first aid?
    That's my biggest weakness.

  5. What is the shelf life of these products?

  6. Valerie,
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have been teaching off and on, and doing food storage and emergency preparedness for 30 yrs and found your site today. How thrilled I am to find your site exactly as I would do it if I had done it myself. I am teaching a last minute class on food storage tomorrow, and am thrilled to present your site as a great resource for the women in our relief society meeting. You give wonderful instruction on getting started and revisiting this most important aspect of LDS families. I am so excited to revisit my needs here as well, and with your help the task will be easy. You have made "simple the work". Thank you again. You have sparked the flame for one of my goals in 2013. Love it. With much gratitude from Medford, OR

  7. I just 'stumbled upon' your web site. Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with the novices such as myself. I have shared the link with all the ladies at our little church in the hills. God bless you! Julie @ Concow, CA

  8. Thanks so much for you blog. I look at it daily just to make sure I don't miss anything. With the possible upcoming furlough of gov't employees, I am grateful I have followed you and will be prepared if my pay is temporarily cut. I have built up my storage to almost 6 months. Thanks again!

  9. Happy mothers day! My mom suffers from back pain. I hope you feel well soon. love your blog.

  10. Can you post the 3 month sample food plan in excel format, thank you?

  11. do you think the church storehouse is the cheapest place to get food storage items? my ward is doing a walton food order and the prices seem high compared to the storehouse. my storehouse has prepackaged foods only(they don't offer self canning).

    1. Laura, the LDS Church prices are very low because there is no marketing. You can get some things at Walton Feed too as well as Costco or Sam's Club. I'll be posting my price comparison list this week. Look for it. Best wishes!

  12. I was given about 10 grand worth of this food when my father-in-law died. Where can I find cookbooks to use this kind of food.

  13. Hi my name is Danielle and i work for Hope Haven Events
    We will be having a preparedness conference on march 14th, 2015 at Weber State University.
    The reason i am contacting you is to see if you would be interested in sharing our link with your readers on a blogpost and we will give you 2 free VIP tickets that you can use to attend or you can use to listen in with live streaming from your home.
    If you would like to do this just send me a link to your post at and the names that the two tickets will belong to and whether you will be attending or using live streaming.
    Here is the link to the event

  14. My ward has been following your blog and I personally love it! I like how your blog is simple and to the point and we are able to break things down month to month. I also wanted to let you and your followers know that there will be a expo on April 24-25th called preppercon ( they are looking for volunteers. It is a great way to get in involved and learn about emergency preparedness . If anyone is unable to volunteer its also a great event to support! thanks again valerie

  15. Do you have information on how to get started for an older couple 50 to 60?

  16. I love your blog. I noticed there isn't a printable page area in Mays Challange.


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