Thursday, April 2, 2020

Covid-19 Face Mask With Ties Project

We need your help in a face mask service project for health care employees who work in nursing homes in Utah. We need 1500 face masks ASAP. These fabric masks have ties.

  • How to video and printable pattern
  • Use 100% tightly woven cotton
  • Bias tape may be used for the ties or make your own ties (ribbon) from fabric. Top ties are 18" long and bottom are 12" long.
  • Please make medium (female fabric) or large (male fabric)
  • DO NOT sew if you or anyone in your household has been ill

Email Me or message me on Facebook for Mailing address in Farmington, Utah:  preparedldsfamily @ gmail dot com

Thanks for your willingness to serve others. It's always best to be prepared.


  1. What are available for no-sew options for those who can't sew or don't have access to a sewing machine? Thanks!

  2. There are ways to fold your fabric without sewing. Check for videos.

    Also, a boutique in L.A. researched and tested for the best "fabric" to use for filtration. It is Zep or Sellars Tool Box shop towels. They tested lots of materials the these two tested to be equal to the N95 for filtration (.03 equal to HEPA filters).

    1. Hi. We have specific needs and HEPA filters won't work for us. Thank for your suggestions.


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