Monday, January 6, 2020

Added a Few Items to My 3-Month Food Storage Supply

Went grocery shopping at Smith's today here in Utah. I added a few items to my 3-month food storage supply, and shampoo to my home supply. Most of the food is from the case lot sale. I used a $3.00 off coupon for the shampoo. It's not really food storage though. :)

My budget is $25.00 per week for 3-month food storage. Did you set a budget for yourself?

Next week is my Costco trip. 👍


  1. I've set a monthly budget for adding to my long term food storage, but not for my 3 month supply. I just plan on replenishing my 3 month supply as a part of my normal grocery shopping when I notice I'm getting low. I just did inventory and realized I'm almost totally out of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, so I'm glad Smith's has a case lot sale right now. I'll be hitting that this week.

  2. I've been following you for 2yrs now and I am finally ready to participate in the challenges this year. Are the emergency food budget and emergency supply budget the same or two separate budgets? I plan on $15 a week for food and am working on $5,000 for an emergency fund to start. If supplies is a separate budget I'll do $1o or $15 a week.

    1. Food Storage and emergency supplies are a different budget for me. But you can do it however you'd like.


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