Thursday, June 13, 2019

Preparedness Challenge – June Week 2

Our second Preparedness Challenge in June is to put underwear, socks, a rain poncho and a flashlight into our grab and go 72-hour kits. That shouldn't be too difficult. But these simple items are so very important.

Gather into your Grab and Go Kit:

1. Underwear and Socks
Of all the items you put in your kit, you’ll probably want clean underwear. After a disaster when your clothes have gotten wet or dirty, something clean is a true blessing. Many of us with growing children should inspect or trade out underwear and socks in kits each year so we have the correct size. At least one extra of each. Put these items in a plastic zipper bag to keep them dry and mark the date you added them to the kit on the bag. Add a reminder on your calendar to update them next year. You've got this!

If you have an infant, keep a change of clothing in your diaper bag at all times as it will probably become your grab-and-go 72-hour kit.

2. Rain Poncho and Flashlight
There is nothing worse than getting wet during a disaster. All over the news we see people evacuating through rain and flood waters. Find an inexpensive rain poncho for each member of your family and put them in their kits. You'll find them at dollar stores, Walmart or even your favorite colleges stores.

BYU Bookstore

Also get a flashlight or headlamp for each kit. I just ordered the EverBrite 18-pack Mini LED Flashlight Set from Amazon for less than $17 and will pass the extra flashlights out to my kids and grandkids for Christmas.


EverBrite 18-pack Mini LED Flashlight Set

Keep the gathering simple. Best wishes on accomplishing this week's challenge.

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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