Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017 Food Storage Case Lot Sale Price List

Most of you know I’m a big fan of gathering food storage, so every few years I put together a worksheet to compare prices of the fall grocery case lot sales in Utah, to Wal-Mart, Costco, the LDS Home Storage Center and a few other stores. This list is smaller than some I’ve done in the past, but I only list things I may be interested in, so there are more items on sale in the stores. Here you go my friends.

Fall 2017 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison

What I love about my list is I can see what really is a deal at the case lot sales, versus other stores. I never buy much at case lot sales since I gather year-round. I know exactly what canned or packaged foods I will buy at Costco and what I will not. I’m patient and focus on a few things each month to stock up on in my food storage.
Yesterday I visited Macey’s in Ogden; the dream store for case lot shopping. They had HUGE aisles of cases of food and non-foods.
Today I visited Smith’s in Farmington which has a smaller selection, but I bought one case of peanut butter. Mostly because I’m still figuring out what to buy.
I also shopped at the LDS Home Storage Center in Centerville, Utah, and bought 12 bottles of honey, and 2 #10 cans of dehydrated apple slices. The honey is a bit more expensive than some of the other stores, but it “is strained (not filtered) which leaves the pollen in and the temperature is elevated to facilitate packaging, but it is not raised high enough to pasteurize it.” I KNOW it was carefully prepared, and I trust the source.
Some of the prices at Reams (which you’ll find online) beat Maceys, so if you live near a Reams store, compare with my list for the best savings. I wait to shop at case lot sales and shop at Bowman’s in Kaysville, because they are close to me and I love supporting a local store.
One item that skyrocketed in price last year is pure liquid vanilla. At Costco it went from $6.99 a bottle, to $26.99! There was a shortage of vanilla beans from Madagascar. So a few months ago, I bought pure vanilla powder from Emergency Essentials.
Yep, powder. I think it’s all gone now. 😦 I have not noticed a difference in my baking flavor. I use it exactly as I would liquid vanilla. It does have sugar in the ingredients, but it works for me. I’m not a fan of imitation liquid vanilla after reading what it is made of. Ewww. But we gotta do, what we gotta do.
Whenever there is a natural disaster, people tend to scramble and gather more food storage than they need. So, I suggest taking a deep breath, glance at my list, and then look in your cupboards to see what you really need. 
It’s been a long week watching the outcome of Hurricane Harvey, but I’m so proud of my fellow Americans who are out there helping each other. They have taught me much about preparedness, and character. They are my true heroes.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It’s Fall Case Lot Sale Time in Utah!

It’s Fall Case Lot Sale Time in Utah!

It’s case lot sale time again in Utah! I’ve been collecting all those sale dates from our wonderful grocery stores. So, gather your list, check it twice, and head on over to a case lot sale next week. It’s time for us to get focused on food storage.

Whether you live in or out of Utah, you can always gather food storage year-round. I never purchase everything at case lot sales. Just my favorites. Go here for my case lot sale tips.
Here are those sale dates:
  • Lee’s Marketplace – Monday, August 28th
  • Reams – Tuesday, August 29th
  • Smith’s – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Maceys – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Winegars – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Bowman’s Market – Wednesday, October 4th
  • Dick’s Fresh Market – Wednesday, October 4th
  • Fresh Market – Wednesday, October 4th
  • Harmons – not sure if they are participating
And this week, American Beauty pasta is on sale for $.49 a package. One of my favorite sales! Shelf life of pasta is about 3 years. Look for the Buy 8 SAVE $4 SALE this week at Dick’s Fresh Market, Fresh Market and Maceys.
CAUTION: Only store your food inside your home and not in your garage.