Sunday, October 30, 2016

November Emergency Preparedness Goals - Holiday Baking, Heat and Clothing

November and December are my favorite months to gather holiday baking foods and baking basics into my food storage. Because of the expense of Christmas gifts and the busyness of the season, I like to gather inexpensive foods during these months. Most of them have a long shelf life, which is awesome. 

In November the foods I gather look exactly like some of the items you might want for a Thanksgiving feast. Bingo! A great time to get two things done at once. Just buy a few extra to keep on hand to use in your favorite recipes at other times of the year. 

In November I might gather:
  • Pumpkin, canned (2 - 5 year shelf life )
  • Broth, chicken or beef (2 - 5 year shelf life)
  • Brown Sugar (indefinite shelf life)
  • Powdered Sugar (indefinite shelf life)
  • Stuffing (12 - 18 month shelf life)
  • Yams (2 - 5 year shelf life)
  • Flour (1 year shelf life, but a 10 year shelf life in #10 cans) 
  • Sugar (indefinite shelf life)
The list below has all the things I like to gather and emergency supplies as well.

My emergency preparedness focus in November is heating and winter clothing. What would you do if you were without power for two weeks and had no heat? Do you have adequate blankets, coats, boots, hats, or mittens? Preparing for emergencies in mind will help our families during these difficult times. Living here in Utah makes us naturally gather these items every year. But it gets chilly in other states as well.

For some great sugar storing tips, check out this article by Leslie Probert, co-author of "Emergency Food Storage in a Nutshell. See my Resources page for her book. I have learned so much from Leslie about food storage, so I highly recommend her.

I have much to be grateful for as a mother of 7 beautiful children, 7 grandchildren with two on the way, and being the wife of a great husband. I'm thankful to have my daughter (my fifth missionary) now serving in Illinois. I love the scriptures and words of the living prophets. They strengthen me each day. I am thankful for my readers who come to my site for a little motivation. May you each know that this beautiful earth was created for you. As you look at its beauties remember; you are God's most beautiful creation.

Best wishes,

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, 
and he will direct thee for good; 
yea, when thou liest down at night 
lie down unto the Lord, 
that he may watch over you in your sleep; 
and when thou risest in the morning 
let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; 
and if ye do these things, 
ye shall be lifted up at the last day.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More Utah Food Storage Case Lot Sales October 2016

We have two more weeks of grocery store case lot sales in Utah staring this week! I highlighted the best bargains in green for Fresh Market/Dick's and Bowman's Market. These items can be used in your 3-month food storage supply.

FM = Fresh Market case lot deals
DC = Dick's case lot deals
BM = Bowman's case lot deals

FM DM BM WF Bottled Water 16.9 oz. 24 pk$1.99 ea. 
BM WF Apple Juice varieties 64 oz. $1.25 or 8 for $10.00
FM DK WF Apple Juice varieties 64 oz. $1.49 or 8 for $11.92
FM DK BM Vegetable or Tomato Juice 46 oz. $1.50 ea. or 12 for $18.00

BM WF Broth 14.5 oz. $.59 ea. or 24 for $14.16
FM DK WF Broth 14.5 oz. $.69 ea. or 24 for $16.56
FM DK WF Creamed Soups 10.5 oz. $.59 or 24 for $14.16
BM WF Creamed Soups 10.5 oz. $.69 or 24 for $16.56
BM Campbell's Creamed Soups 10.5 oz. $.69 or 48 for $33.12
FM DK Campbell's Creamed Soups 10.5 oz. $.69 or 24 for $16.56
FM DK WF Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup 10.75 oz. $.49 or 24 for $11.76
BM WF Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup 10.75 oz. $.50 or 24 for $12.00
BM Campbell's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup 10.75 oz. $.69 or 48 for $33.12

FM DK BM WF Beans various 15-15.5 oz. $.50 ea. or 24 for $12.00
BM WF Chili w/beans 15 oz. $.89 ea. or 12 for $10.68
FM DK WF Chili w/beans 15 oz. $.99 ea. or 12 for $11.88
FM DK BM WF Refried Beans 16 oz. $.59 ea. or 24 for $14.16
BM WF Dry Black or Pinto Beans 20 lb. for $13.99
BM WF Albacore Tuna or Pink Salmon 5 oz. $1.25 or 24 for $30.00
FM DK BM WF Tuna in water 5 oz. $.50 ea. or 48 for $24.00
FM DK BM WF Beef Stew 20 oz. $2.00 ea. or 12 for $24.00
FM DK BM WF Chunk Chicken Breast 5 oz. $.99 ea. or 12 for $11.88 (Costco beats)

FM DK WF Peanut Butter 16-18 oz. $1.25 ea. or 12 for $15.00
BM WF Peanut Butter 64 oz. $6.49 ea.
FM DK BM WF Vegetable or Canola Oil 1 gal. $6.99 or 4 for $27.96
FM DK BM Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 68 oz. $9.99 (Awesome price!)

FM DK WF Tomato Sauce 8 oz. $.20 ea. or 48 for $9.60 (Awesome price!)
BM WF Tomato Sauce 8 oz. $.25 ea. or 24 for $6.00 
FM DK BM WF Tomato Paste 6 oz. $.50 ea. or 48 for $24.00
BM WF Tomatoes varieties 14.5 oz. $.49 ea. or 24 for $11.76
FM DK WF Tomatoes varieties 14.5 oz. $.50 ea. or 24 for $12.00
FM DK Hunt's Pasta Sauce 24 oz. $.79 or 12 for $9.48
BM Hunt's Pasta Sauce 24 oz. $.89 or 12 for $10.68
BM Prego Pasta Sauce 14.5-24 oz. $1.69 ea. or 12 for $20.28

BM WF Fruit, various 15-15.25 oz. $.99 or 24 for $23.76
BM Shur Saving Pears or Peaches 29 oz. $1.50 or 12 for $18.00
FM DK WF Mandarin Oranges 11 oz. $.59 or 24 for $14.16
BM Dole Pineapple assorted 20 oz. $1.25 or 12 for $15.00

FM DK BM WF Vegetables  11 - 15.25 oz., $.50 or 24 for $12.00
BM WF Mushrooms 4 oz. $.59 or 24 for $14.16
FM DK WF Mushrooms 4 oz. $.69 or 24 for $16.56
BM WF Diced Chiles 4 oz. $.69 or 24 for $16.56

BM Western Family Evaporated Milk 12 oz. $.79 or 24 for $18.96 (Have seen for $.69)

FM DK BM Maruchan Ramen Noodles 3 oz. $.25 ea. or 12 for $3.00
FM DK BM Nissin Top Ramen Noodles 3 oz. $.17 ea. or 24 for $4.00
BM Campbell's SpaghettiO's 14.2 oz. $.59 or 24 for $14.16
BM Chef Boyarde Pasta 14.5-15 oz. $.89 or 12 for $10.68
FM DK Chef Boyarde Pasta 14.5-15 oz. $.99 or 12 for $11.88
FM DK BM WF Macaroni & Cheese 5.5-7.25 oz. $.29 or 24 for $6.96
BM WF Pasta 48 oz. $2.50 or 8 for $20.00

BM WF Medium or Jasmine Rice 5 lbs. $4.99 or 6 for $29.94
FM DK BM WF Long Grain Rice 20 lb. $9.99
BM WF Quick or Old Fashioned Oatmeal 42 oz. $1.89 or 12 for $22.68
FM DK WF Quick or Old Fashioned Oatmeal 42 oz. $1.99 or 12 for $23.88

FM DK WF Powdered or Brown Sugar 2 lb. $.99 or 12 for $11.88 (Awesome price!)
BM WF Powdered or Brown Sugar 2 lb. $1.25 or 12 for $15.00
FM DK BM WF Sugar 25 lb. $10.99 ea. (Have seen for $9.99)
FM DK BM WF Honey 3 lb. $8.99 (similar to Costco or Sam's)
FM DK BM WF Flour 25 lb. $7.99 ea. 
BM Krusteaz Pancake Mix 10 lb. $5.99 ea.
FM DK Krusteaz Pancake Mix 10 lb. $6.99 ea.
BM Mrs. Butterworth Pancake Syrup 2 pk 64 oz. $5.99 ea. (Awesome price!)
FM DK Mrs. Butterworth Pancake Syrup 2 pk 64 oz. $6.99 ea.
FM DK WF Cake Mix $.89 ea. or 12 for $10.68 (Awesome price!)
BM Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $.79 or 12 for $9.48 (Awesome price!)
FM DK BM WF Seasoning Packets $.33 ea. or 3 for $1.00

BM WF Olives 6 oz. $.89 or 24 for $21.36
FM DK BM WF Ketchup 20 or 24 oz. $.99 or 12 for $11.88
FM DK BM WF Salad Dressing or Mayonnaise 30 oz. $2.50 or 12 for $30.00

This is not a complete list of sale items.

Here is my 2014 case lot price comparison list. It may help you as you compare prices.

And here are some tips on how to shop at grocery case lot sales:
How to Shop at Utah Case Lot Sales

Please email me at preparedldsfamily (at) gmail (dot) come if you see any errors. Thanks!

Happy shopping and stocking!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

My friends, I'm getting this October Emergency Prep Calendar out late, but I hope you'll still find it useful. This month the food storage focus is oils and fats, the prep focus is fire safety, and the spiritual focus is BE FAITHFUL.

You don't have to do everything on my emergency calendars or lists. These are only suggestions to get you thinking so you will come up with a plan for your own family. Circle what you think you can accomplish this month, add those items to your grocery list each week, and then go get the job done! There is always next year for modification. Remember, you will be doing more than most people can ever do.

Useful posts:
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Emergency Preparedness Goals - Oils, Fats, & Fire Safety

Fall is my favorite time of year with so much to look forward to: the change of color on the trees, football games, the LDS General Conference, and food storage case lot sales. It's one of the best times to stock up on food storage.

This month my food storage focus is oils and fats. Our bodies need fats to absorb certain nutrients to help our bodies function. When I think of fats it reminds me of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz getting some much needed oil. He says, "Oil my arms, please. Oil my elbows." My body needs some oil too. :)

As we enter the holiday season, cooking oil, shortening, baking chocolate and chocolate chips go on sale. Of course I put Nestle Toll House Morsels in my food storage by buying a few bags at Costco when they go on sale. I store them in my freezer for the coming year. Always put something yummy in your food storage, since those little yummies can be a great stress relief during trying times. And they taste good too!

In October I buy a few cans of roast beef at Wal-mart or Sam's Club, and some beef or turkey jerky for my 3-month food storage supply. These items are too costly to buy a 3-month supply, so I only buy what I can afford. Some of you know how to dry your own beef, but this suburban mom just buys it.

It's important to store oil properly. Oil should NOT be stored in your garage where the heat will ruin it. Unopened vegetable oil has a 1-year shelf life, though it can be stored longer if you store it in a very cool (not freezing) location. Once opened the shelf-life is 4 - 6 months, so it's a good idea to write the date you open the bottle on the outside of it.

Oils should be stored in a dark location such as a closed cupboard or pantry. Olive oil has about a 6-month shelf life, but can be stored for a year in the refrigerator. To avoid using rancid oil, always smell it first. Sticks or canned shortening have a 2-year shelf life. Once opened, canned shortening has about a 1 year shelf life, but the sticks only have a 6-month shelf life. I just threw too many numbers at you didn't I. Many of you are fans of coconut oil, and since I'm not an expert on it, all I can say is it has a long shelf life so check the label.

Peanut butter is another item I stock up on this month, but remember it has a short shelf life of about 1 year. I usually keep a 6 month supply on hand in the small 18 oz. containers since we use it slowly. If you need help figuring out the shelf life of any food item, visit or look at the expiration date the manufacturer put on the item. And remember to see if the date is truly an expiration date OR a best buy date. Many items can be stored beyond the best buy date, but be careful about oils as rancid foods can make you really sick. Yuck!

There are no long-term food storage items (20 to 30 year shelf-life) to gather this month, however continue to put a little bit of money in your emergency fund each week, and keep your emergency supply of drinking water up to date. How much water? At least one gallon per person for 14 days or at least 14 gallons per person. This can be used for drinking and cooking. If you live in Utah, cases of bottled water go on sale for about $2.50 at the case lot sales. That's about .10 per bottle for commercially prepared water. You can always get them at warehouse stores too.

My October emergency preparedness focus is fire prevention. It's time to test those smoke alarms, get your fire extinguisher tested, check that carbon monoxide alarm and have a mock fire drill. If you don't have a fire extinguisher, get one for very small fires. Never use on large fires. Just get out! The September 29 through October 23rd 2016 Costco coupon book has smoke detectors ($5 off), fire extinguishers ($8 off), and carbon monoxide dectors ($8 off) on sale.

DISASTER! No one likes that word, but the cleanup afterwards is awful. If you have time this month, put together a disaster cleanup kit. Many of these supplies can be found at your local dollar store. Or you may have some on hand already. Wouldn't it be nice to be ready to help your neighbors? The following video by United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has a disaster cleaning bucket. I think they do a pretty good job!

That's it for October. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Decide what you CAN do this month, and do it! I'll post my October Emergency Prep Calendar in the next post.

Best Wishes,

"And inasmuch as they are faithful they shall be preserved, 
and I, the Lord, will be with them."

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