Saturday, April 30, 2016

May Emergency Preparedness Goals - Condiments, Spices and Emergency Cooking

May is a busy month for many American families because of Mother's Day, end of school year performances and graduations. I like to simplify my food storage gathering in May by focusing on condiments and spices. You've probably already noticed summer displays in your grocery store for Cinco de Mayo and soon Memorial Day. Let's take advantage of those sales and gather a few items like ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, salsa, BBQ sauce, enchilada sauce and taco seasoning mix to name a few.

Let me caution you to not go overboard when stocking up on condiments. You will be tempted to buy more because they are fairly inexpensive, but be practical. How many bottles of ketchup do you REALLY need? Two bottles of ketchup and one container of mustard may be all you need for a 3-month supply. 

Take a look at my suggested amounts for a 3-month food storage supply below. If you multiply the amounts by 4 and then multiply that number by the number of family members, you will come up with an amount that works for a year's supply. Or a 3-month supply is just fine if you have limited storage space.

Also stock up on spices and dry onions this month. Go here to see how I store my spices. I like to buy a #10 can of dry onions from the LDS Home Storage Center because it's very affordable and they last forever. Or you can shop at a warehouse store like Sam's Club or Costco. Your third option will be the grocery store if you don't use many spices. 

I like to buy my spices in bulk at a stored called Winco and put them in my own jars. Don't go overboard here either. Consider which spices you use most often. For our family, cinnamon, oregano and onions get used regularly. I don't need a 15 oz. container of thyme. Be practical so you can spend money on something else you need in your emergency supply this month.

It's smart to keep a stock of paper goods on hand all the time for power outages or disasters. Paper plates, cups, foil, plastic utensils, etc. are extremely useful when you can't use your dishwasher or sink. Watch for sales closer to Memorial Day and stock up. I like to keep a 30-day supply always in my cupboard. With our large family gatherings, it's easy to restock.

Even though I don't focus on freezer foods for food storage, you may find good deals on meat this month. My butcher told me roasts go on sale in May because people are barbecuing smaller cuts of meat instead. 

May is also National Pet Month, so put together a 72-hour kit for Fido or Fluffy. You may want to read "The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina" to motivate you.

My favorite dog Abby passed away in 2013.
Now is a good time to buy a Dutch oven and charcoal briquettes when they go on sale. They are great for emergencies. And the price of bottled water drops as we get closer to Memorial Day, so stock up.

Hopefully you've started your vegetable garden. I'm not a great gardener, so I like to plant a "salad" garden every year. And I love fresh tomatoes!

Last of all, if you get a nice tax refund, consider buying a wheat grinder, a worthwhile investment if you like to use whole grains. In 2009, my readers said their favorite grinders were the NutriMill and the Wonder Mill.

It's nice to hear the lawnmowers buzzing 
again in our neighborhood. This is great time of year. Good luck on your continual progress to become self-reliant. You CAN do it!

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