Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Power of 3: An Emergency Preparedness Guide

I recently stumbled across The Power of 3 emergency guide for LDS Church members in the Orange California Stake. Even if you are not a member of my church and don't live in California, I found this emergency guide very valuable. And you will too.

Everything is based on the power of 3. What would you need and what would you do in the first 3 minutes, first 3 hours, first 3 days, first 3 weeks or first 3 months after a disaster?

This guide is simple, and some of you want it simple. It has spiritual and temporal preparations. You will want to read it and will be happy you did.

Thank you, Emily, for sending it to me!

You can download it here:
The Power of 3 pdf

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall 2015 Utah Case Lot Sales are coming!

Fall case lot sales are coming to Utah! I made some corrections on the dates, so check them out below. These sales give you a chance to stock up on food storage and emergency items for your family. If you are driving to Utah for General Conference (Oct. 3 & 4), pick up a few cases on Saturday. Some stores let you shop as soon as items hit the floor, and some let you buy individual items at the sales price.

  • SMITH'S: September 2nd 
  • HARMONS: September 3rd
  • MACEYS: September 7th
  • REAMS: September 8th
  • DICK'S: September 28th
  • FRESH MARKET: September 28th
  • RIDLEY'S: September 29th
  • BOWMANS: September 30th
Here are some tips on how to shop at case lot sales.

How to Shop at Food Storage Case Lot Sales

Here is a price comparison of case lot sale prices versus Sam's Club, Costco and a few other stores I did in Fall 2014.

Preparedness is a blessing in my life, and it can be in yours!