Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall 2013 and 2014 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison

Several of you have emailed me asking if I will give you a 2014 case lot sale price comparison list. Because of my busy schedule schedule (I am currently in Arizona for a baby blessing) I am unable to create one for you this year. Add to that I have a torn meniscus, so I cannot walk around Costco and Sam's Club. I apologize. However, here is the list from last fall which will be very useful for you. Print a copy and use it to compare your own prices with the ads you find in your newspaper or online. I am sure you will find some great deals this year.

I recommend you open the document and decide what you want to buy before you head into the store. On the first page of my worksheet I have instructions on how I shop at case lot sales.

Best wishes on your shopping and stocking endeavors to become self reliant, so you can help your family and neighbors.



  1. Thank you for doing this for us every year! My ward and I REALLY appreciate it!

  2. Thank You Valerie! I sent a email to my friend in Carson City to remind her of Smith's Case Lot Sale. Our friends have lived in Carson City for approx. 5 years and have really never paid attention to these kinds of sales. (Being from California these types of sales are completely foriegn to us. Doubleing Coupons is actually againist the law here)
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow! Just Wow for all the detail and work you put in to providing this price list. Thank you!

  4. Love your website! I feel like I've stumbled onto a goldmine. Thank you for all your hard work.


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