August 15, 2013

My Photo Tour of Farmington, Utah

It was exciting to see that Farmington, Utah ranks number 14 in Money Magazine's top places to live in the U.S. But for many of us living here, we would move it to number 1. So, I thought I would share pictures of our beautiful city. We love our small town nestled beneath the Wasatch Mountains, but we can easily hop on the freeway and be in Salt Lake in 20 minutes.

We love our pioneer heritage as well as our trails, parks and schools. We love our close proximity to ski slopes, lakes and streams. We love the pumpkin patches and farms, but also enjoy our new Station Park shopping mall. We are definitely a blend of old homes and new homes, old timers and new timers.

Yes, the windstorms can be fierce, the winters long, and the heat of the summer makes us glad for our pools and water parks. But nature's contrasts remind us that life with its trials does refine and define us. As Anne Shirley once said, “It's not what the world holds for you. It's what you bring to it.” And each of us who live here has certainly brought our own kind of wonderful to contribute to our hometown Farmington. So, if you have time to "set a spell," relax and enjoy my favorite photos of Farmington in the summer and fall.

Downtown in the Fall
State Street
Our new city hall.
Our old city hall that is now the Farmington Historical museum.
Farmington Rock Church, one of the oldest still in use in Utah.
Looking towards Farmington Canyon.
The firehouse.
Historical homes.

View of Lagoon from Farmington Pond.

The west side.

Summer gardens.

View from the hills looking west.
Looking North-West.
Looking towards Salt Lake
Our hills in the Fall.

Sunset after the end of a busy day.


  1. Beautiful! Make me home sick for Utah! Thank you for sharing,

  2. Dear Valerie,

    Beautiful pictures! So NOT California!(giggle) Someday....


  3. Beautiful pictures. I love Utah!

  4. I'm originally from Ogden and had no idea what a lovely, quaint place Farmington is! Love the pictures and thanks for sharing.

  5. Just visited Utah valley for the first time this summer. One thing I noticed from your pictures that I didn't see a lot of in the valley...trees! Beautiful tall trees! I'm from VA, and missed the greenery. I also didn't see any home gardens. Next visit, I must check out Farmington! We have a sister missionary in our ward from there, too.


Thanks for your comments and suggestions!


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