September 25, 2013

Utah Case Lot Sales Coming Next Week: Fall 2013

For those of you who missed the Utah case lot sales early this month, no worries. Here are the dates of more case lot sales starting next week. Some sales start on September 30th. These sales usually run for at least two weeks. Compare prices with my price list and stock up on those items you need for your food storage. Gather what you can afford and have space for. Good luck!

Upcoming Sales
Monday, September 30th
Maceys (11 stores in Utah)
Winegars (Roy, Clearfield and Bountiful)
Wangsgards Market (Odgen)
Allen’s Super Save (Springville)

Tuesday, October 1st 
Ridley’s (7 stores)

Wednesday, October 2nd 
Bowmans Market (Kaysville) (801) 544-4215

These sales are over
Monday, September 2nd
Harmons (for price list click here)
Dick's Fresh Market (Bountiful and Centerville)
Lees Marketplace (Logan, North Ogden, Smithfield)

Wednesday, September 4th
Smith's (50 stores in Utah)
Fresh Market (23 stores in Utah)
Dan's Market (4 stores in Salt Lake City)

Let me know if you hear of any other sale dates. Thanks!

Useful Articles
Tips for Shopping at Case Lot Sales
Fall 2013 Case Lot Sale Price Comparison (I will update Macey's prices when I get the ad.)


  1. Macy's will be in October as well.

  2. I just saw that the Macey's case lot sale will start Sept. 30th. Do you know the dates for any other sales (specifically Winegar's and Bowman's)?

    1. Yes on Macey's. I am verifying other dates. Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know of a place in central Florida that does the case lot sales? Our SAM's Club doesn't carry any food storage items in the store. Thank you! Destar


Thanks for your comments and suggestions!


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