Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2013 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison

I need to shop for some food storage this week, so I spent several hours updating my April 2013 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list. This list helps me compare the prices at this week's Utah case lot sales to items I can get everyday at Sam's Club, Walmart, the LDS Home Storage Centers (dry pack cannery) and Emergency Essentials.

At the beginning of the list are some how-to tips for shopping at case lot sales. Make sure you compare ounce for ounce or pound for pound which are shown in the gray column. And typically, items in #10 cans have a longer shelf life so they cost more per ounce or pound.

I didn't have time to update the Walmart prices, so my list has last year's prices. But I've found that most of these Walmart items don't go up in price much unless there is an extreme drought or shortage. Nor did I get to Costco. :-( Sick kids. However, Sam's Club prices are very similar. For those of you who have a Utah Albertson's nearby, just look here for those prices and then compare with my list.

Take a look at the price list if you live in Utah, because it may help you figure out what to buy before you even enter the store. You will save the most money if you go shopping with a plan of action. I hope you find it useful and get some great shopping deals! I will post some pictures after I shop. :-)

Update: Just got back from Smith's and the picture above has the items I bought there. I would love to tell you my family ate regular oatmeal for breakfast, but my kids prefer instant. So, I stocked up. Smith's does not let you break the case which is too bad because they would probably sell more food if they did. But who am I to tell them how to market their food. :-)

I would LOVE to hear what some of you purchase at the case lot sales! Please share.


Here's the list:
April 2013 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison.pdf

My Favorite Deals:
WF Canned Beans 15 oz. .48 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market (Mix and Match)
WF Mayonaisse & Salad Dressing 30 oz. $2.00 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market
WF Beef Stew 24 oz. $2.00 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market
WF Tuna 5 oz. .59 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market
WF Cake Mix .99 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market (Mix and Match)
WF Spaghetti & Macaroni 3 lb. $2.00 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market
Hunt's Pasta Sauce 24 oz. .77 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market
WF or Kroger Tomatoes 15 oz. .48 or .50 Macey's/Dick's/Fresh Market or Smith's
Kroger Instant Oatmeal $1.29 Smith's
Kroger Peanut Butter 18 oz. $1.65 Smith's
Kroger Tomato Sauce 8 oz. .20 Smith's

(These are just a few of the deals.)


  1. I feel a little guilty just piggybacking on all your hard work, but you really saved us a lot of time with your price comparisons. Thank you! We just got back from Smiths and Maceys where we bought chili, pb, jelly, green beans, corn, black beans, flour, pasta, Mac and cheese, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, peaches, pears, ramen, cream of mushroom and chicken soups, and ... that might be it. It feels good to have so much food in the house :).

    1. Wow! You really stocked up. Glad I was helpful. Every year I say I won't do the list, and then I do. :-) Thanks for thanking me.

  2. What exactly is the LDS home storage center? Is it the dry pack cannery or something? I haven't heard of it...

    1. LDS Home Storage Center is the formal name for the dry pack cannery. I will clarify that. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for all of your hard work. I have found so much useful information thanks to you.

    I just wanted to mention that in Las Vegas, Smiths lets you breakup the case lots, so you can buy less if a whole case is too much. I've also noticed that the "no salt", "low sodium" and "in light syrup", versions of canned foods are also often part of the case lot sales here, even though what is pictured in the ads are the traditional versions. I have started buying more when I figured out that I could buy the healthier versions for the same price. Maybe this info. can help others outside of Utah. :)

    Thanks again!
    Heidi W.

  4. This is awesome. Thanks! Live in CO and didn't realize how much more I pay here than UT. Might have to plan family visits around some of the caselot sales.

  5. once I was at our local smiths in the days leading up to the case lot sale, and in order to make room for the case lot sale, they had clearance priced massive amounts of inventory. (I don't know if it was a fluke, or if this happens every time). It wasn't just the items in the case lot sale. nothing was nearing expiration, it wasn't dented, just in the way, and the prices were even better than case lot prices. the only problem is that I couldn't buy full cases.


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