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Family Home Evening Lesson: 3-Month Food Storage

To help our families understand what a 3-month food storage supply is, I created this family home evening lesson. There will be one for each of the four steps of the LDS Home Storage program. Hope you like it!

Family Home Evening Lesson: 3-Month Food Storage
Lay Up In Store,” Keith B. McMullin, Ensign, April 2007.
To Men of the Priesthood,” Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Nov. 2002.
All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage” download pamphlet at

Opening Song:  “Build An Ark,” Friend, September 2010, download sheet music or listen in the Music Library. Visuals for teaching at
Opening Prayer:

Lesson: For many years, prophets have counseled us to prepare for times of difficulty. President Gordon B. Hinckley said: “The best place to have some food set aside is within our homes. … We can begin ever so modestly. We can begin with a one week’s food supply and gradually build it to a month, and then to three months. … I fear that so many feel that a long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all. Begin in a small way, … and gradually build toward a reasonable objective.” To Men of the Priesthood, Ensign, Nov. 2002, 58.

Story 1: Noah (Picture Gospel Art Picture Book, no. 7 and no. 8) (Watch at Old Testament Scripture Stories, chapter 6)
A long time ago, the prophet Noah told the people to repent. The people did not want to listen to the prophet because they were so wicked. The Lord told Noah to build a big boat or ark. Noah worked hard to build it before the rain came. He wanted to be prepared and help his family. He knew that if he listened to the Lord they would be protected. The rain did come and Noah and his family were saved. If we listen to the prophet today, and prepare ourselves, we will be blessed too.

Story 2: Joseph (Watch at Old Testament Scripture Stories, chapter 13, advance to 1:23 to 3:16)
A long time ago, a righteous man named Joseph lived in Egypt. One night the Pharaoh or King of Egypt had a dream. The Lord helped Joseph understand the Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph told the Pharaoh that his dream meant there would be seven years with plenty of food in the land and seven years without food or a famine. He counseled Pharaoh to gather extra food and save it for the years when there would not be much food. Pharaoh listened to Joseph, stored some food, and saved his people during the years of the famine. (see Genesis 41:1–57)

Like Joseph, we can prepare a food storage for our family. We can start with a 3-month supply of food in our home to help us during hard times such as floods, earthquakes, storms, illness and job loss. Extra food in our cupboards will keep us from being hungry. We can take care of ourselves and help our neighbors with our food.

The extra food we keep in our home needs to be shelf-stable foods or food that can sit on the shelf in the cupboard instead of being in the refrigerator. Buying a few extra foods each week when we grocery shop and then saving them at home is how we build our food storage supply.

Activity: Food Storage Scavenger Hunt
Divide into teams. Each team must find the following food items in the kitchen:
-        3 different canned foods, 2 different boxed foods, 1 jarred food, and 1 bagged item
-        The winner is the first team that finds all the items.

Conclusion: We have been promised if we follow the prophet, our family will be blessed. We can set a goal to add more and more food to our food storage each week so we will have plenty to eat during difficult times.

Closing Song:Come Listen to A Prophet’s Voice,” Hymn 21
Closing Prayer:

Refreshment: Pumpkin Cookies                   
Preheat oven 350°
1 box spice cake mix                                                 
1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin                              
12 oz bag of chocolate chips                          
1. Mix cake mix and pumpkin with blender or spoon. 
2. Add chocolate chips.
3. Drop about 2 T. per cookie on prepared cookie sheet.
4. Bake 350° for 20 – 25 minutes. Cool and eat!

Printable lesson


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