Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ensign Articles About Food Storage and Self-Reliance From the Past 4 Years

Over the past four years, numerous articles have been written about food storage, emergency preparedness, and self-reliance in the Ensign magazine. Below you will find articles listed by year. As you prayerfully study some of them, I hope you will find the answers you seek on your quest to becoming better prepared.

  • Everyday Home Storage (March) - Making home storage a part of our everyday lives.
  • Follow the Prophet (March) - Both of us were thinking about how to start home storage for our family.
  • In the Aftermath of the Tornado (July) - Members of the Church in Joplin, Missouri, were physically prepared for a natural disaster. More important, they were prepared spiritually. 
  • Natural Disasters -We Don't Have to Be Afraid (August) - As we seek Heavenly Father’s guidance, the Holy Ghost will help us prepare for, endure, and recover from natural disasters.
  • Provident Living Prepares Us For the Future (October) - We believe in preparing educationally for employment, in preparing financially for a rainy day, and in preparing temporally for natural disasters or other challenges. Most important, we believe in preparing spiritually for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and for living with our Father in Heaven again. 


  1. Thanks for putting this list together! I have had preparedness on my mind for years and taken steps to be prepared. Although I've taught others about preparedness (at school and with my business), I ALWAYS find more I need to learn and do and the Ensign is a great resource for prioritizing those to do's.

  2. With the recent events of natural disasters and calamities, I think it is really important to talk about disaster or emergency preparedness and this includes food and necessities storage. I know advanced or first world countries have this in place, but what I am worried are those that do not have any resources to do such storage.


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