Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hill Cumorah Pageant to Be Broadcast Following LDS General Conference

Just received word that "on Sunday, October 7, a documentary on the Hill Cumorah Pageant will be televised on KSL Television at 4:00 pm MDT immediately following the afternoon session of General Conference. The documentary titled 'The Hill Cumorah Pageant, America's Witness for Christ, 75 Years of Testimony' was produced by Brad Pelo and Ward Wright. Videography and film editing was done by Michael Boren. The narrator is Carol Makita from KSL. Brad, Ward and Michael were members of the 2102 Hill Cumorah Pageant staff and cast.

"At this time the documentary is only scheduled to be broadcast in the KSL (Salt Lake) market. When wider broadcast arrangements are completed, we will announce those arrangements here on our Facebook page." LIKE the Facebook page if you want further notification.

(Thanks, Joyce!)

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