Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Stock Up on Paper and Plastic Items

In addition to food, I like to have a good stock of paper and plastic products for emergencies. It's common during disasters to be without running water, power to cook and the scheduled trash pickup, so the list of items below can be useful. Also, some paper items can be burned in a camp fire to reduce your trash buildup during a disaster, but remember not to burn plastic, or burn items if there is any danger of explosion.

It is usually cheaper to buy these items in bulk, but if you don't have storage room perhaps gather at least a 2-week supply. You can find these items at a decent price at Costco or Sam's Club. But remember EVERYTHING at warehouse club stores is not inexpensive. Stick to your list while shopping there. Costco sends me a coupon book each month, and I look it over for items I want to stock up on.

I like to break up my future shopping purchases into groups of how often I will purchase them. That helps me know how much to get. The supply amounts listed below are the least expensive way for me to buy these items, but it doesn't mean you have to buy a year's supply of plastic utensils, etc.

If you are tight on space, you could split some items with a friend to save money and space.

(Prices listed are from Sam's Club.)

Plastic Utensils: (600 ct. spoons & forks, 8.98 ea.) Useful during all emergencies and family gatherings
Disposable Food Handling Gloves: (2x500 ct. $5.86) Sanitation, illness, etc.
Kitchen Trash Bags: (150 ct. $9.98) Emergency sanitation, trash disposal, evacuations
Large Trash Bags: (90 ct. $13.98) Emergency sanitation, trash disposal, evacuations
Foil: (2x250 sf. $15.48) Emergency cooking
Quart Freezer Storage Bags: (4x54 ct. $9.97) Food and ice storage
Gallon Storage Bags: (4x52 ct. $11.88) Food and ice storage

Toilet Paper: Definitely nice to have!
Paper Towels: Absorbent for clean ups
Paper Plates: Useful during all emergencies
Plastic Cups: Paper or plastic, and maybe some Styrofoam for hot chocolate

Paper Bowls: (120 ct. $7.98) To serve breakfast cereal, soups, etc. I hide these.

Facial Tissue: (10 ct. $12.98)
Bathroom cups: (600 ct. $6.25)
Plastic Bread Bags: (Macey's)
Sandwich Baggies: (500 ct. $8.40)

Napkins: (6x200 ct. $11.88)
Paper Lunch Bags: (Walmart or Target) Besides lunches, useful for broken glass

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  1. Hi Valerie, our lights went out last night during a thunderstorm for about four hours and storms are predicted throughout the week. It is so nice to know that I don't have to leave the house to "get" anything.

    Thank you for teaching peaceful preparedness.

  2. I needed a paper bag the other day, but didn't have one. Buying a package or two of those brown lunch bags comes in handy for things that plastic just doesn't work for.


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