Friday, July 20, 2012

30+ Family Home Evening Ideas for Young Couples

Family Home Evening is a time set aside each week to focus on the family and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This month I will be attending a bridal shower in my neighborhood. Each guest was asked to give a specific "first" to help the couple in their new life together. My assigned "first" was their first LDS family home evening together. So, I decided to make a list of ideas for this young couple.

"When couples arrange their lives to include quality family home evenings, they invite the Spirit into their marriages and build a solid foundation of love. Consistent, quality home evenings, combined with obedience to other gospel teachings, will help form a strong foundation of love, joy, and peace that can bind a family together forever." Ensign Magazine

Printable 30+ Family Home Evening Ideas for Young Couples.pdf

From Living Our Dream Life:
  1. Pick any article from the Ensign and discuss it together. Summarize or read it together. 
  2. Basically the same idea but use the current Conference Ensign. Each week discuss/ read/ present a different talk. 
  3. Learn how to study the scriptures together. As great as a scriptorian as you/ your spouse is, I’m sure there is still room for improvement. Share ideas of how you study (not just read) the scriptures. Use Preach My Gospel for additional ideas.
  4. Discuss your mission if one of you served.
  5. Make an emergency plan together. Figure out what you would do if there was a fire/ earthquake/ flood/ tornado/ etc. Get old backpacks and start building 72-hour kits with old clothes. For the activity, go shopping together to buy some food (granola bars, peanut butter, tuna fish pouches, crackers, fruit snacks, water bottles, etc) to put in the 72-hour kits. Loved this!
  6. Go to the temple grounds and walk around and see how beautiful it is. Figure out ways you can make your home more like the temple. 
  7. Spend the night showing your love for your spouse by serving them. Do each other’s chores (or do them together). Maybe make a chore chart together of who is going to do the dishes/ laundry/ etc. 
  8. Write letters to your parents/ grandparents. Thank them for their sacrifice they made for you. Another idea instead of each writing a letter to their own parents how about you switch and each write the letter to your in-laws. 
  9. Start a Family Journal. Write in it together about the joys and struggles you are facing and how your family has been blessed. 
  10. Make a movie of your lives. Show where you live, what a typical meal is like, talk to your future posterity about what your life is like as a newlywed. 
  1. Write letters to missionaries. 
  2. Take food to local food banks
  3. Donate blood at the Red Cross center.
  4. Take cookies or treats to neighbor. 
  5. Research a topic you want to learn more about such as auto repair, cooking, decorating, yard work, food storage, or home maintenance.
  6. Help others learn English.
  7. Reading good books together.
  8. Have a game night, riding bikes, throw Frisbees at the park or go on a hike.
  9. Invite new couples or single sister with kids over to share family home evening and build friendships.
  10. Write in journals or work on family research.
  1. Interview an older family member.
  2. Install the LDS Church's PAF (Personal Ancestral File) program and begin entering your family history in your computer.
  3. Adopt a grandma or grandpa from your church or neighborhood.
  4. Prepare a musical program to take to a foster home, hospital, or nursing home.
  5. Plant a tree or some flowers. Discuss faith in Alma 32:28-43.
  6. Learn about this history of your local temple by printing its picture and story from
  7. Attend a local orchestra production. Discuss the effects of good music on your thoughts from Elder Packer.
  8. Make an ethnic meal and learn about that country. Here are a few recipes from various countries at
  9. Attend the dress rehearsals of your local ballet, opera, or theater. Many times tickets are extremely low priced, or even free.
  10. Why do good people suffer? Watch and discuss a video from, and study adversity.
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  1. Thanks for the list of 100 ideas. I struggle with finding ones that won't rock the boat at home (part member family). I'm going to start the list and see if I can eventually cross off all 100!

  2. While I found this article helpful it also was a bit discouraging because of the title (and other titles of similar posts on this topic) that always seem to refer to only these kinds of Family Home Evenings being for newlyweds (which we aren’t) or empty-nesters (which we also aren’t) or, like yours, "young couples" which we also aren't. It may be a surprise but there hundreds upon hundreds of us who just don’t have a family yet and may never have one in a traditional sense. There are those of us unable to have kids and those who are in unique relationships that don’t fit into these stereo-typed categories and it’s sad that no one really ever thinks of us. I know when you wrote this post you likely were not intending to be hurtful in anyway and I understand that… but please keep it in mind for future. Something simple like “family home evenings for two” will do.

  3. These are so great! Thank you so much for spending the time to gather all of these ideas!


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