Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway: Help Me Finish My Food Storage Organizer

Many of my readers have told me they enjoy using my Monthly Food Storage Shopping lists. I am so pleased! So, I am putting together a book called The Food Storage Organizer. But I need your input on what you want this book to become. I am focusing on buying food storage throughout the year.

If you are willing to share your comments and ideas, you will be entered in my newest giveaway. I will be giving my book away to 4 lucky winners! See the entry at the end of this post.

Here is a preview of the introduction. Definitely a rough draft with typos, but it will get you thinking.


I began this book in 2009, but struggled to finish it because I kept thinking I had to learn more. Until I finally figured out there will always be more to learn and imperfect people can write good books. Besides, I needed this book now too, so I could move forward with my own food storage.

Of all of the books I wanted to find in a bookstore, this is the one I most wanted. I’m not bragging, but telling you the truth. I really wanted a book that simplified food storage. And I kept looking for it, hoping someone had written it. A book that doesn't make me feel guilty if everything wasn’t made from scratch. A book for normal people that sometimes use jarred spaghetti sauce and eat cold cereal. A book that helps me shop for food storage without overwhelming me. Could I actually be put on autopilot while shopping for food storage?

The Food Storage Organizer is simply a month-to-month organizer with weekly shopping suggestions from my studies of what is available seasonally in grocery stores across the country. And it’s adaptable for anyone. So you get a year’s worth of carefully researched suggestions that you can repeat again next year.

Why seasonal? Because you can get some of the best food prices when you shop seasonally. Why different foods each month? So you don’t buy things you don’t need. You don’t want to end up with 24 cans of green beans and only two boxes of cereal.

The organizer focuses on buying everyday shelf-stable foods until you accumulate a 3-month food storage supply, a 2-week water supply, and a rainy day fund. You just repeat the process over and over again so you will rotate your food storage. And then if you have space and finances, you add long-term foods like wheat, dry beans, etc. And don’t feel guilty.

I borrowed this idea from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the experts on food storage. In 2007 they revised their food storage plan calling it the “Four-Step Approach to Home Storage” which I’ll paraphrase here:

Step 1 - Gather a 3-month supply of shelf-stable foods your family usually eats
Step 2 - Gather drinking water
Step 3 - Establish a financial reserve
Step 4 - After doing the first 3 steps, gather long-term foods.

Can you imagine how much better prepared you will be for unexpected job loss or a disaster with a 3-month supply of food put aside? Foods your kids will eat. Of course you can add a small supply of long-term foods in your 3-month supply, but you don’t have to.

Even though I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints you don’t have to be a Mormon to benefit from this organizer. People of all faiths know that gathering food storage to prepare for life’s difficulties is crucial. However, you probably won’t see coffee, tea, or alcohol on my lists. So I hope you will let that slide.

And guess what? I’m giving you permission to not do everything on my lists. I can’t do them all either. If you have a busy week or two, no one will ever know you skipped week 36. However, you are not allowed to gather what you cannot afford. No one should go into debt for food storage. It doesn’t make sense.

Once you start gathering, you will begin to make a dent in that huge abyss of personal preparedness. Any step forward, is a step forward, so don't get hung up on the details. This book will help you naturally gather food storage (and emergency items if you with) each month while you grocery shop, so you will use it and buy some more. The amounts listed are for a 3-month supply. But you can always multiply that by 4 to come up with a year’s supply. However, not all foods have a one year shelf life.

The suggested items and amounts should be adapted by you. You will do a little math to figure out how much is best for your family. And you will find along the way that you will need to increase or decrease those amounts as the size, ages and tastes of your family change. Please consider food allergies, ages of children, and the medical needs of your family, so The Food Storage Organizer becomes uniquely yours.

This organizer does not suggest refrigerator or freezer foods because most people will lose those items in an power outage. My focus is shelf stable foods: foods which are canned, packaged or boxed and will not expire for several months to a year. However, continue to purchase perishable foods like you normally do.

Each month you’ll see tips that will help you save money. The more money you save, the more money you have for food storage. And you will learn how to take a mini weekly inventory of a few suggested items.

I will do my best to help you not feel guilty, and succeed. I hope you enjoy gathering food storage and becoming better prepared. Best wishes! Valerie END

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  1. This book sounds like it will be invaluable to so many of us. Personally I struggle with keeping an inventory and often purchase something I already have and don't really need more of.

    For price point, I don't know, $10 - $12 maybe, with a discount for the initial launch of the book.

    thanks for all you do

  2. Love the intro. It's "friendly". I like that it mentions not baking from scratch (being a super mom) and allergies (my family is highly allergic to wheat and milk!)

    Food Storage is NOT cookie cutter. It must, must, must be personnal to the family. I think I would like to read true stories of using food storage (mine! when my sweetie was laid off, we used it all!!) Real people inspire me. Mistakes and all (bugs in my rice!!)

    I like the idea of month to month focus. It's not so stinky overwhelming. We all have a tremedeous amt. to do already! Maybe a tear out sheet, check off sheet of things to do for that month that is seperate. Kinda a summary of the chapter would be nice.

    Price: I think $12-$15...don't sell yourself short. Your info is valuable!

  3. I know you live in Utah so you give prices for those stores but maybe for your book you can add info on stores nation wide.

    And I think $20 is a good reasonable price for a book filled with such valuable information.

  4. I have been trying to get people interested in getting stated, period. This book idea is a good way to get them to START. I am tired of hearing, "We will just come to your house".

    I would buy a few copies and pass them out. I like the $12-$15 price range.

  5. I can't wait to read your book. I think a good price for it would be somewhere around $15. You don't want to scare away the people who are in need of some useful information but can't afford much. You also don't want to sell yourself short, as the previous comment mentioned.

    I love the idea of being guilt free. That is so compassionate. It's a very real thing that people deal with that guilt of not doing everything the "Martha Stewart" way. And it's good to know that that isn't the only good way to do things.

    One thing that I would love to see in the book is advice, tips, instructions, etc. on how to keep your food storage nice and neat so you can keep your house looking like a "house of order". That is huge for my wife and I is trying to be as clutter-free as possible. But we also understand the importance of having a complete food storage. Is it really possible to make both happen? If so, how?

  6. I love the idea that this book will be for the "every woman (person)"! We can very easily become overwhelmed and intimidated with the sheer volume of the task ahead of us. I, too, will buy several copies to give as gifts ... $15-20 is what I would plan to spend on a book of this valueable, life-long information!

  7. I think if you have some of the people who subscribe to your site write something about their experience with food storage, you might get some pretty intersting stories. I think once you catch the bug of food storage, it becomes so addicting. I love this site and the help it has been to me on my own food storage goals. Thank you.

  8. honestly, i have thought many times how nice it would be to incorporate your monthly food storage suggestions into a yearly planner for myself. i was thinking it would be nice to have the suggestions in with my meal planners and grocery lists just so i have it all nice and neat in one place. i have wanted to have a laminated food storage list and inventory sheet so i could record with a dry erase marker and try to always have it updated.

    i am really looking forward to your organizer. i think it would be a valuable asset to have on hand for me and my family.

  9. For me, I love your monthly shopping lists. I think it is easier to store and prepare having things broken down like that. I would include your lists broken down month by month, but in addition I would like to see a "total" checklist. Maybe that is something you can include in the back of the book. I would also like to see suggestions for alternatives to storing "long-term" items like huge pails of whole wheat. I don't think that is practical for everyone. I think the $12 price range is good, but I would also loooove to see another even more affordable e-book edition. Good luck!

  10. Thanks for doing the book and putting all your great ideas into print. I would like to see some ideas each month on how to utilize food storage in daily meal preparation, nothing fancy, just simple, easy to implement tips. Maybe pick a food storage item each month to focus on.

  11. I think that this is a wondeful idea! I have been following your list for a few weeks now and I love it. I think it should be priced so that you make a little money but affordable enough that others can afford it. I would certainly buy it.

  12. I think that this is a wondeful idea! I have been following your list for a few weeks now and I love it. I think it should be priced so that you make a little money but affordable enough that others can afford it. I would certainly buy it.

  13. lynne lhoovini@aol.comMarch 19, 2012 at 6:19 PM

    i am looking forward to your book, as i have really enjoyed your monthly lists! my suggestion would be to include a few pictures of pantrys...yours, friends, familys...if not too expensive to publish them, it's an inspiration to see what others are doing. good luck, God Bless!

  14. This book sounds invaluable! And to think, I don't have to be the Molly Mormon (making everything from scratch) in my baking abilities. I would definitely buy this book. I would at least put a starting price of $20.

  15. The book sounds great. I would like to see suggestions on how to store in the more humid areas. Having lived out west and now living in the east, the humidity levels are proving a challenge to my storage skills.
    The $15 mark would be good. I live in Canada and they always charge more so that would still put the price at less than $20 Cdn dollars.

  16. This does sound like a great book. I'm not sure of a starting price: $12 (but also maybe have available as an e-book for those of us on a tighter budget).

    And I definitely agree with "The Little Thompson's" post about ideas as to how to keep your food storage 'neat and tidy'...
    My house has NO CLOSET SPACE!! But I am working on organizing my cupboards! I just need more creative ways to store my food!! :)

    And, although I don't do much baking, and would prefer quick and easy 'after work meals' with my food storage (sad to say, I have become one who usually makes only quick and easy recipes!!), I might want SOME baking ideas (or maybe quick and easy things that have the APPEARANCE and TASTE of my having spent the day in the kitchen!!)..
    I want to be 'Molly Mormon', but I have to be a 'MODERN Molly Mormon'!!

  17. A chapter that would be of help to us that have very limited space in which to store in how we can make the best of what space we have..would be a big help!

  18. I just got a food storage church calling and came upon this site in my search for inspiration. I am excited to follow your shopping list. I would love to buy your book at 12-15 dollars. Rotation and organizing with little space seem to be things I hear a lot about. Also, just not being able to afford extra groceries. I am interested in finding a way to help get food storage into all of the homes in our Ward, somehow helping each other if we have an abundance of something. Whether it is an abundance of garden produce or too many mustard bottles in your storage. I think we could help each other out by sharing. Good luck with your book!

  19. I love you blog. It is so helpful. Thanks for giving us the benefit of your wisdom and experience. I look forward to your book. I believe it will encourage those who are not yet preparing to get on board.

  20. There are already so many good ideas above, I just know your book is going to be wonderful. The way you make your lists and organize your website already are going to make your book so user friendly. I have been interested in starting a club of sorts with other mothers from our church and your book would be a very helpful tool for that

    As far as what I'd like to see in the book; I'm one of those people who cannot always afford everything you list every week, so I would like to some of the more important things highlighted in some way. We all know water is one of them but some things maybe go on sale more often than others....

    And as far the price of the book; there are many great ideas above. Depending on how much information your book ends up having, I don't think you will scare anyone away unless you go more than $25 or $30.

  21. I'm looking forward to reading it. Personally, I need resources and food storage suggestions for those of us who are non-LDS and do not have the canneries as a resource. And I've run out of storage...every closet is crammed with shelving and piles of stuff that has no home. Suggestions for dealing with the my ever-growing stockpile would be great.

  22. I just sent you an email saying thanks for such a great idea. I have needed a bit of a pointer in the right direction. Couponing only goes so far...I have the stockpiling down, but the rotating of the inventory and knowing when to buy certain items "seasonally" have been a stumbling block. I'm also needing basic recipies for items that are easily obtained with a tight budget.

    Thank you for going that extra mile to help others on a topic that can get quite confusing.

  23. Can't wait for your book! There is such a need for it, as you well know. For beginners, starting a preparedness program is overwhelming but keeping track of everything is a monumental task in and of itself. I've been using an online inventory system but that has its drawbacks. For price, I certainly think the book deserves a retail price of $30, however, in this economy, you would probably lose a segment of your market. $18 might make it up in sales volume. While keeping items grouped together can make the household neater and inventory quicker, you might consider the outcome of partial destruction. It might be wise to encourage folks to group storage as variety. For example, if one part of storage is flooded or damaged by a tree crashing through the house, you don't lose your entire stockpile of say, grains or water. I place items in locations grouped together as grains, proteins, fats, sugars, veggies, fruits, etc.
    I also just received an excellent tip from a friend. If you are hesitant to store canned goods in a cellar or basement because of the moisture, just rub a very thin coat of baby oil over the entire can. The oil will prevent rust and can be easily removed with dish soap before opening.

  24. I think having a store bought vs cannned price/time comparasion and average shelf life info regarding each item or recipe.

    I think a fair price would be $15. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I would love it if you included some tried and perfected staple recipes (bread, muffin, soup, chili, etc) using long term food storage with tips on how to cook things using minimal resources. I think it would also be helpful to explain how you can tweak a family favorite recipe using long term food storage. Such as emergency substitutes, if you don't have cream of chicken, etc then use these ingredients. I personally would love to hear suggestions on purchasing certain items and what I should look for when purchasing them ex. such as HAM radio (how to obtain a license and what things should I look for when purchasing), NOAA/FM radio (best brand or model), flash lights (which brand puts out the most light and batteries vs. windup, etc.
    I love your website and am SO grateful for your desire to share your wisdom so you can bless other families lives.
    I would pay $20 for your book. I also don't think you should sell yourself short either! Ask what YOU think its worth.

  26. I love that its completely adaptable. I've read several LDS references on food storage and it all seemed a little too much (grinding your own wheat, keeping cans of dehydrated eggs, etc).
    I agree that $10-15 per book is a wonderful price. I'd also suggest an ereader version for a slightly lower cost. I carry my Kindle Fire everywhere so that I am able to read at any available opportunity and its easier to toss in the diaper bag than a book.

  27. Please include an area for our four footed friends. In every inventory I have seen they are never mentioned wether it be a cat, dog, hamster or other creature that is in our care.
    A 2nd area that is seldom mentioned is H2O, and without it we perish rapidly.
    A few blank lines so we can add things that may pertain to our family.
    candies, gum etc make life more pleasant in a disaster situation, so an area for yum yums of this sort would be good as well.
    Special needs: we may have elders, or young that have apecial needs. (these are all things we found out when we had to evacuate) thank you mrs Jacobs

  28. I love the idea of your book. I am not LDS, but have lived in places where food storage literally kept us going. Your suggestions on the blog have been extremely helpful. What I like best is you suggest easy step by step strategies for building a food storage pantry. I hope you write your book the same way. I like the forms. They have proven helpful and easy. I would pay $10-15 for a useful book such as you are planning. Good luck! Know you are helping many families.

  29. The book sounds great, inventory, best way to store what next to what and list menus by the defferent proteins. These would helpful ideas for me.


  30. I think including shopping tips will be very helpful. One thing I wish I knew more about and had known earlier is approximately what time of year to look for certain types of things to go on sale. For example, in my experience grocers who sell the Western Family product line typically have case lot sales a few times a year during which prices on many items are at the lowest point they usually get. It is a great time to stock up. There have been (too many) times when I have stocked up on an item or two only to see it at a much better price several weeks later during a case lot sale. Had I known, for example, to watch for a case lot sale in August, I would know to be patient and wait to stock up.

    I think about $10 would be a good price.


  31. I totally agree about the need for a section on pet foods (my cat puts in his vote too). I'm also begging you to ask your publisher to make your book available in Kindle. I'm 70 years old and the advantage of having a book on Kindle is the ability to make the print whatever size I need. Kindle prices are also much more affordable for my fixed income. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  32. I just found your blog and plan on reading everything you've posted. I like the way you write and that it isn't over people's heads. I look forward to your book. My concern is the number of people who are not planning for any kind of problem. Living here in the Bay Area of California, earthquakes are our biggest potential disaster...and are very likely. It's amazing the number of people aren't at all prepared.

    I think a good price for the book is in the $15-$17 area. I know I plan on getting a couple for myself and my family.

    Thanks for doing the book and the blog!

  33. I have found your blog very helpful and have adopted many of your suggestions. We live in WV, not too many disasters happen here, but I am concerned about the economy. We raise a huge garden and can or freeze the produce. I am a fulltime teacher and still manage to cook most things from scratch. Recipes and sample menues would be great. There are only two of us and we are 59 and 62. I would love to see what we as "seniors" should be storing. The book should be in the $15.00-18.00 range. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do to help us!

  34. I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but I think 12-15 is high for an ebook. I mean, we'd have to print it out ourselves or have a Kindle, right? I think 10 is high, but that's because I'm poor, maybe. Anyway....

    I think having the things you have on your blog in a condensed form would be very helpful.

    I have liked you on FB, too. :)

  35. I have some food storage already, but had to throw a lot of it out because we didn't use it. I have a large family (9 kids) and want to go about this as "store what you use and use what you store". I am looking for a step by step book, with an inventory, the best way to store items and menus with lists. 14.99 would be fair.


  36. Today is the first day I've been on your site (just pinned you!) and I'm very impressed with what I am seeing. Organization is an extreme priority right now for getting my food storage in order. An inventory is a must, but even more important is the ability to keep it current. What you are suggesting is very doable. Having an e-book to download would be practible, but even better, once someone has realized how important it is to just get started, they can download that very minute and start while still very motivated. Anything $20 or under would get my attention quickly.

  37. I am just beginning and have heard great things about this book - I love the website and am very impressed with the layout. I love that it would be downloadable. I would also think it would be great if part of the book could be in excel / or something that i can track in.


    Bobbie C.

  38. Something that I would love help with and struggle with is how and where to store everything. I live in AZ so I can't store anything in the garage because it is too hot in the summer. We don't have basements here. I stash stuff under beds and in various places but then it is hard to rotate. I need to hear what other people do. Depending on how big the book is and how much info is in it I would be willing to pay between $10 and $20 for it. However I would love to win one. It sounds like it will be wonderful.

  39. I am a counselor in ward RS and we do not have anyone serving in the storage/preparedness callings, so I am filling in for the moment. I have felt a strong sense of needing to get the sisters - and myself - more engaged in accomplishing this. In searching around, I found your site and am very impressed with how you are doing things. I am reusing many of your ideas.

    Your book sounds like a great resource in getting organized and in keeping track of what you have and what needs to be replaced. Everyone is so busy, that having information in one place is invaluable.

    I really like your weekly checklists and would hope that something like that is included in the book. It helps a lot to focus on one small thing at a time and before you know it, there is a lot done.

    I have no idea on appropriate costs. Budgets are tight, so it needs to be reasonable enough for most people to afford, but it needs to be enough to compensate you for the work you have done so the rest of us don't have to do it. Maybe in the $15-$20 range??

    Keep up the good work! And thanks so much!

  40. I would love to read real life experiences from people who have survived disasters, or other situations where they have had to rely on their personal preparartions (such as unemployment), and what things they really used, what they wish they had done, etc. I also would love to have a section of 'substitution' recipes - i.e. making sweetened condensed milk from food storage items, what you can use if you run out of some staple (even non-food items). I have several booklets and loose handouts and all kinds of things cluttering my bookshelves, but having everything together would be so nice and simple! Also, any money saving ideas that are realistic and geared towards those of us who are already frugal would be nice. (I hate the magazine articles that tell you to skip your daily coffee, monthly manicure, and dinners out. When you don't do those things anyway, how else can you save money or cut corners?) It would also be interesting to have a first-aid section to learn about things we can do if we can't just run to the doctor or pharmacy for medicine or supplies - kind of a worst-case scenario! Another helpful list would be approximate shelf life of food staples. I am excited for your book! As far as price, to be honest, anything over $15 usually scares me away :o)

  41. Stephanie SummersApril 17, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    I'm excited to see this come out! Just found you and liked you on FB!

    Thank you again for your willingness to put this together.

    I was thinking of a page to put medical information, prescriptions, where they are filled, etc.
    Emergency phone numbers - who to contact in an emergency

    After reading comments, I'm not sure if this is going to be an ebook or hardback/paperback type. But the pages could be printed onto a laminated type page to check off with a dry erase marker, maybe?
    And a list for pets - how much water/food needed

  42. I am just beginning in the long term food storage and need to know lots of things. Would love an affordable price tho, and how to store without bugs getting into anything!!

  43. I love your blog and all the entries. I would love to see possible alternative lists for those with special needs diets (i.e. diabetics), as well as what is needed for pets. Thanks and I can't wait for the book.

  44. I have been searching for a good way to get my family preparedness organized! This sounds wonderful!!! I am looking forward to reading more of the ideas you may have. I am so grateful for people like you who take the time to help people like me!....I just don't know where to start. Thank you!

    I think a reasonable price would be $10-$15.

  45. I'm still learning.. I really appreciate your site and all the printable list for those of us just getting started.. I feel a good price point that almost all of us can afford is the $10-$15.. I thank you that this book is not for the supermom.. I definately don't cook from

  46. I love all the ideas that you talked about. It's like you said, this is the book I've been looking for that wasn't out there yet. Way to go and thanks for all the hard work!

  47. $12-15. I like the idea of alternatives. If this doesn't work for you, maybe that will...

  48. I read your post, but not all the comments, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat. I love your ideas about creating a stockpile based on products, and not just ingredients. I'm learning to do some canning, but I don't know (or want to kno) how to make bread starting with wheat. =(

    I would really like to see a disk/usb that has all your forms on it. I've downloaded some of them from your site (thank you!), but I'd like to see the book come with a stand alone version of these that I can tailor easily. Tailor to my family: number, allergies, special needs (pets, children, elderly). Then all the lists/guidelines would magically change to fit me. =)

    You said suggestions; you didn't say they had to be realistic or easily attained. LOL

    I would buy your book. I already follow your site and (loosely) your shopping guidelines. Thank you for what yo do.

  49. I have been looking for a great book and thought to myself when I started following your blog that you needed to write a book with all this great information and now you are! Yay!

    I cannot think of anything to add to the book unless you wanted to add exerts in small side boxes on tips like... ideas for places to store for small dwellings, first aid tips, family drill tips, and so on. You can add a lot of great ideas to a book that way and still stay focused on the theme you could even add animal tips or have real life short stories of people and an experience that they may have had with using their storage in a real life disaster. Well I guess you can go on and on but those are my ideas.

    As far as cost I would pay and have paid up to 40$ for a good book and I will say that it all depends on how much information you are adding in your book. If you have a book that is 600 pages then it may be worth 40$ so I say it just depends on the book itself. With what I see on your blog, I would be willing to pay for a book from you! I recommend searching the stores to see what is the medium selling price, that may help.

  50. This book is a wonderful idea. I hope that you are able to make it helpful but truly adaptable to each family's needs--don't know how exactly you'll do that, but I'm interested in seeing it. I like the idea of dividing by month, but than dividing that into weeks so that we have the option to follow your ideas either way.

    As for the price point, I honestly wouldn't pay more than $10 for something like this--I'm sure it would be worth more than that for your time, but our budget is tight enough that if I could do it myself for less, I would (which this type of info seems fairly accessible with the Internet). At least that's my humble opinion. :)

  51. First, thank you for all of your hard work - and your willingness to share.

    I would love to have a list of ways to use the food we have stored, and also how we can cook/prepare it in an emergency.

    Price point? If it is printed then maybe $10-15, but a less expensive ebook might be great for those who prefer digital

  52. i am always excited to get new food storage info on tips and tricks of how to keep things orgnaized . this book sounds like it is going to be amazing . you should price the book at 20 if published but if it is a ebook then around 15

  53. Rachael HardingMay 4, 2012 at 9:26 AM

    I am a young new mom and I feel like now that I have a little person depending on me it's important to finally get prepared. This book sounds like an easy read that will help me get started and walk me through each step of the way. I love the idea of just buying a few things each week/month. Otherwise, it all seems so overwhelming!

    We are in law school right now without an income, but I think i'd still be willing to pay 15$ for this book.

  54. We are recent college grads that are just starting out with food storage. I am clueless as to what to get (or when to get it), but know that I want to store food that my family would eat.

    I love the idea of taking little steps at a time and building upon those. That seems manageable to me. The inventory help will also prove invaluable! I would be willing to pay $10 for an e-book version and more than that for a typical-book version. I can't wait to read your book and implement it in my family life!

  55. M. Boyd (MaryBoyd911@msn.comMay 15, 2012 at 5:28 AM

    Your blog is so helpful and I thank you for sharing and your wisdom. Publishing a oplanning guide in easy approachable steps is invaluable. I might suggest you have the following sections:
    How to get started with food purchases - priorities, priorities, priorities
    Planning Your Storage Area - include shelving and organization tips as well as rotating the food skill.
    Medical Supples - basics and more
    Keeping your cost down - tips on best places to purchase
    Inventory - manage your assets. Easy inventory guide

    Your book price should certainly cover your expenses and then consider the margin your want to make. Perhaps two formats would work. Hard copy for those of us who love to put a book in our hand and then soft copy for the young ones who love online reading. This book would be so valuable to those of us just starting out and certainly something I would purchase. Consider a survey on your blog to test price point with your followers. Happy to talk with you and share my experience in consumer marketing. I look forward to purchasing the planning guide.

    Kind regards.

    Forms Section - easy to follow forms

  56. The first price that popped into my mind was $15. I really would love to see this book, I have a food storage, but it's not organized in the least bit and i am at a loss of what to do next, what to get, and how to inventory. i would love to use this book. I can't wait until it comes out.

  57. I definitely need help in getting my preps organized. It is just so overwhelming trying to get organized!

    I am with the $12 - $15 dollar price for your book.

  58. I would like to see:

    What to tell people to bring if they plan on coming to your house (in an emergency, and if they can)

    How to accommodate allergies and sensitivities

    A list of alternative places to find food storage items that people might not have figured out already; I look at my local drug store's flyer each week as they put some food items on sale, for example, and I wager most people don't think of looking there

    The reality of a 72 hour kit: longer-term emergencies will require more. Latest National Geographic, and a Scientific American article a few years ago, covered the event of the entire electrical grid going down. That will not be fixed in 72 hours, or even probably in 72 days

    Stable links (URLs) to info on alternative ways to cook (solar oven, adobe oven, etc.) Same for making potable water

  59. I am very interested in food storage and emergency preparedness. I love,love,love your site. It has so much useful information.keep up the great work you are doing.

  60. i think some kind of recipies to cook with your food storage would be helpful as well , the simple ones i have a family of six so fast and easy things that don't require alot of time . price range should be $15.00 --$20.00

  61. My sister is LDS and has wanted her non-LDS family to get into food storage. Frankly, I've resisted for years. Today, something has caused changed in my brain and I'm ready to start. In part, credit goes to you for 'permission' to be flexible and the do-what-you-can approach. This is my first visit to your website so I hope the book is a supplement and not replacement to all the incredible information provided online. In addition to all the great suggestions from previous posts, I would like to see how much space is actually needed. For example, would 3 months require a 5x5 space if everything were stored together? While storing items in different locations may be required or recommended, it could be scary for those of us who are beginners and don't really know what commitment on space we are getting into. I also would like to see info on caring for our four-legged family members.

    I agree that it would be wise to provide your book in both formats (print and E-book). I would probably buy both! In the end, you will have to determine margins for pricing. Hopefully, it would be under $20, with the E-book slightly less. I look forward to the publication, and thank you for the opportunity to learn more!

  62. I would love to see a good step-by-step list/how to list for beginners. A good idea would be a price comparison on freeze dried foods, which is the best value. What is the first things that should be bought. A good recommendation for a bug out bag and what should be in it. I am new to this and I'm completely over whelmed.

  63. This is just what I was looking for. I'm new to food storage. It's nice to know there is something to help get us started. Thanks

  64. What a wonderful idea...a book that would help me be organized!!! My "problem area" for food storage is water. I know, sounds strange and everytime I turn the tap on, I realize that...but the problem I have is how to re-use all the containers I gather almost on a daily basis. How do I clean these containers to make sure the water is usable. I.E. milk jugs for drinking water? laundry jugs for washing/cleaning water? bleach jugs for flushing (probably no cleaning there)or can I consider them for drinking as they are already purified? All this being asked, I have not stopped using these containers for water storage. I am soooo looking forward to your book!
    Kathy W

  65. For me, Katrina changed everything. I live in the south and when she came through there were no lights, no water, and in some places no food. People had no shelter, and many died from exposure.
    Even though my home town sustained very little damage, it has effected everyone here. Then on April 28th of 2011 we suffered the worst tornado outbreak that we have seen in many years..... that night I was terrified, as I watched buildings being shredded in Tuscaloosa.We hid in our basement for hours wondering when our turn would come. Minutes turned to hours, and eventually family members informed us that the danger had passed, once again we dodged the bullet.
    I have always stuck back dry beans, but never gave any thought to water or sanitation, or just basic necessities to sustain some resemblance of life. Thank goodness a friend has helped me get started. I still don't really know what is most important to stick back. I guess water would be the most important. So, I have some flour and beans in 5 gallon buckets, I still need the water to make basic meals and would benefit greatly from a copy of your book. If chosen I won't copy any pages from it, but will be more than happy to as we say "pay it forward". After all, the stranger on the street, may be the one to save my and my family someday. Thanks,

    L. Sasser

  66. Living in the south we have a problem with humidity and bugs. If you place your flour, cornmeal, rice,and pasta in the freezer for at least 24 hours then place in a containeer such as tupperware or rubbermaid that seals tight you won't have the bugs. If you have found bugs in a container DO NOT REUSE for anything that you don't want bugs in because they will eat their way out of the container which means they can find their way back into the container. I am not LDS but I have learned alot from your website. Thank you!

  67. I don't use lists of what to purchase each month. I buy what is on sale and make my money go further. This makes organizing and inventory very important so I don't end up with too much of one thing and not enough of another. If you have some ideas on how to keep track of foods bought that way or how to organize so one could see what is lacking it would be very helpful.

  68. I love they way it sounds so far. I am all about week to week lists. It needs to be something I can get for just a few dollars, as I am a student, and we are on minimum income at the moment. Needs to be food that we know how to prepare and like. I have no clue how to can or to make bread let alone have the time to attempt to do it right now either. How and were to store things. I have learned in the short time we have been in our apartment, that certain areas that normally you would think would hot get hot (far away from stove area locations) really can get hot and ruin your food. Ideas for those with very little space, possibly ideas for people with allergies or food restrictions as well. Thank you, I am looking forward to when this book comes out.

  69. For me simple home cooked recipes using basic pantry ingredients is what would help.

    The sounds of this book is great! I can't wait and hope I win a copy. Love your site.

  70. I'm terrible at organization and I really need help getting my family prepared!

  71. I would love to receive a copy of your book! Just found the newsletter site yesterday so this is my first time reading it. LOVE IT! Your information will be useful in my calling in Relief Society.

  72. I would love a book that just kept it simple. A simple plan I can easily implement along with my regular grocery trips. And affordability is key as well. I would also love some simple ideas of how to better organize my short and long-term food storage in an inexpensive and easily accessible way so I know what I have and what I still need to add. I'm looking forward to reading the book!

  73. Thejonesfam@sbcglobal.netJune 12, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    I'm not new to food storage but this book sounds wonderful. I am anxious to see how it turns out with all of your wonderful ideas, lists etc. Your weekly purchase lists are perfect! We all need them whether we are seasoned or newcomers!!
    I like the $15 - 20 orice range and the option for a downloadable version. Also please include all of your lists and if possible blank lines to add in our own personal needs for pets and basic needs. An excel sheet option would be wonderful for some of the sheets that you have would be perfect as well.

  74. My mother was a child during the Great Depression so we always had extra food in the house. I'm not a Mormon but I agree with your church's wisdom of being prepared for life's uncertainties. I have only recently become serious about food storage. I found your site this week. Your monthly plans are very helpful. The one suggestion I have for your book is to include information for those living in a mobile home and on what to do about the weight of food storage in regards to the flooring. I would imagine that information would also apply to anyone in the South whose house is on pillars and not a concrete slab. If you would be so kind as to include a chapter on that, I would be most thankful because that has been my stumbling block with food storage and why I haven't progressed past 3 months worth of food and only a few days worth of water. I look forward to reading your book.

  75. This book is such a wonderful idea!! I have been wanting to start my food storage supply for the longest time now but have no idea how to really get going on it, and I think that this is a problem most people who do not have food storage encounter. Including in your book how to gradually get started would be great. People always talk about starting food storage and ways that they can do it, but as my husband always mentions to me, it PLANNING that will give people the start. Of course, I have not actually planned out what I will do for food storage. But I think it would be really helpful perhaps to have a plan (time wise) of how they could go about their food storage accumulation. If people make a plan, then they usually will follow it. I really like how you said that you will include weekly grocery lists to go off of. In these economic times, I think that it is so important to save money. Lots of people dont know where to find the best deals and could potentially save a lot of money. Including information about water storage I think is a great idea! I joined the church a couple years ago and have not heard quite as much about water storage. It will be so helpful to read more about it. I really look forward to your book!!

  76. I'm another non-LDS reader. I found your blog about the time I had surgery and have been reading and making notes for when I'm up and about again.

    I'm looking forward to your book and hope to see it priced around the $15 mark.

    The more you have on organization and space constraints, the more I'll get out of it. Also, I know practically nothing about buying wheat and grinding and then using it. And not being LDS, I don't have access to what you do, so if you know other resources, it would be great to have those in the book.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I like the informatl, non-judgemental way you write - makes your blog very readable.

    And do have someone edit your book. As a former proofreader, I know that no one can edit her own work. A fresh eye will catch things that you pass over.

  77. Hi
    I am just starting to build my food storage and was researching and came across your blog, which is amazing! I think that if your book could include recipes using the food storage staples that would be awesome!

  78. I love how simple and organized everything is and I would love to see what a years worth of preparations would look like and recipes that continue using the food storage. I feel that the time is coming when we are really going to need many supplies beyond food and this is just the start!

  79. Just found your site googling a recipe but so glad I did. So much great info on food storage.

  80. I can't wait for this. I love your site and the help you provide. A section for those who can't keep a large amount of food storag would be nice. People in the military etc. Pricewise I would say 10-20 dollars in paperback form and maybe an ebook format at a lower price.

  81. I would love to see a monthly and weekly purchase plan to build your food storage. I am interested in getting my 3 month supply started then working on my year supply. I would say $10-15 depending on how detailed your book is for a price.

  82. I like the things you have listed but would like to see more on pet preparedness please.

  83. I stumbled on your sight and just love your method. I just went shopping today to store up and I had no plan in mind. Once I gothome, I realized there were things I missI think it's also important to include items to lift your spirit! Going through a catastrope, a job layoff etc. can also wear on your spirit and test your faith! When I do my prep shopping, I always try to remember to buy some goodies (like candies or chocolates), "fun" band-aids for the kids, sweet smelling soaps, etc. I also am building a stash of activities to do without electricity - games, word puzzle books, coloring books and crayons, etc.ed....and things I bought that we didn't even need. You method seems so realistic!

    I think your book should alo include other prepping type items like medical supplies, pet items as others have suggested.

  84. I would like to see a book that offered practical, affordable advice without an air of "doomsday" about it. It seems that so many resources are overboard for what I can personally afford and tackle on my family's limited budget. I like the idea of a simple, weekly approach that I can fit in to my budget without taxing our limited funds. I also am looking for something based on the intial 3 months supply and then looking to long-term once I have that established.

    As far as price point, this is where I struggle. I agree with other comments that your information is valuable and you should be rewarded for it. On the other hand, there is so much free information on the web these days, and my budget is very limited, that I would struggle to pay more than about 10.00 for a book. I would love to say I could/would pay more than that, but I often have to rely on what I can gather at no cost.

  85. Thank you so much for your hard work in putting this together and sharing with others.
    I've had so many stops and starts in working on building a food storage but slowly, slowly it is coming together. Although I'm continuing to follow your blog, I can't wait to see this book. I think it will be fabulous. Thank you.

  86. I love the whole idea of this book. I am descended from a long line of food storage fanatics. I have bottled, dried and gardened tons of food. However, I have become totally burned out and overwhelmed. I have a haphazard array of food storage. We have used it so much and I have absolutely no clue what we have.

    I love including the Church's recommendations. That's always the place to start. I am a huge fan of the "do what you can" idea rather than "it's August, I haven't done what I was supposed to in February---I guess I'll stop. I'm too far behind anyway. Just another thing to prove how imperfect I am."

    I hope this book will act as a guide rather than a judge. We need inspiration. We also need a direction to follow after the inspiration. Thanks

  87. I am brand new to the whole idea of food storage and feel a bit overwhelmed and confused about where and how to begin. I love the ideas you have for your book and can't wait to read it!
    thank you for taking the time to write something that will help so many of us!

  88. Reason #1 of why I am over-the-moon excited you are writing this book? I love books! I am a bookworm at heart. And while I love the efficiency of a web blog, I prefer to have a hard copy to carry around with me and have at will to look at. :)

    I love that you have taken from the wisdom and example of the LDS Church and created a system that is easy to understand, adapt and follow. Like so many have stated, I am overwhelmed by the thought of being "prepared" and appreciate having this great resource to help me navigate the waters of preparedness on a small budget raft with only one oar of guilt! ;) The other oar is knowledge! So, thank you!

  89. PS--I forgot to mention that I am using your weekly shopping lists as they are posted (you are given full credit) with my local church group to help all my neighbors and friends find their way to preparedness as well. We are all really enjoying the low-stress experience and appreciate your efforts. :)

  90. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Your articles are so organized by the way you write them and that makes things so much easier to understand and remember. Here are things I would like to read about and have in your great book. Can't wait to read it!!

    1. pockets for each month to insert recipes/coupons etc.
    2. rip-out monthly checklist in catagories like in your prop focus
    3. your 52 weekly food storage lists and explanations for a couple years
    4. shop in season lists like you said
    5. list of alternate foods, etc. for each month
    6. unordinary places and ways to store food storage
    7. rip-out checklists for 72-hour kits, sanitary kits, etc.
    8. hints and tips
    9. simple easy recipes with just a few ingredients
    10. recipes for homeade mixes
    11. ALL your ideas and sorry if i re-wrote any of them in my suggestions

    Thanks for all your time and hard work!!! It's much appreciated.

  91. I forgot to say that I have been trying to start a food storage and have been organizing mine in storage tubs, the tubs at Wal-mart with lids. Except I buy mine from the Dollar General because they're cheaper. Since I have my weekly menus and grocery lists to go with them, I can just put the menu, grocery list and whole weeks of unperishable foods in a tub together. This will help me to rotate because when I get my weeks worth of groceries out of the tub then I will have a grocery list to go replace what is in the tub. I just started so I have just got 2 buckets done and the other 11 buckets started by using your lists. This will be my 3 month supply when I get them all finished. Your lists have helped me. I do not get the #10 cans but I try to buy in bulk and put appropriate portions in each tub for each meal. Just thought I would share what I came up with because it helps me feel more organized and not so scattered. Feeling scattered gives me anxieties.

    Two of the buckets stacked and cloth over them can be sat beside the bed or couch. If you stack two on each end of the couch and one in front of the couch that's 5 weeks of groceries and if you stack two more on each side of two different beds that's 8 more weeks of groceries which makes up your 3 month food supply.

  92. Any update on the book? Hope you are well!


Thanks for your comments and suggestions!