Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 2012 Monthly Food Storage Shopping List

Here is my April Monthly Food Storage Shopping list. I wanted to finish it up this morning before the LDS General Conference. This month we are gathering soup, fish and beans. A funny combination, but there is a method to my madness. I try to spread the expense out over the year and focus on seasonal deals. Those of you in Utah will find these items on sale at the case lot sales. But those living elsewhere will benefit as well because you will stay focused. Use coupons or ask a store manager if they will discount a case of items. Don't be afraid to ask.

We are also focusing on gathering our sanitation supplies. This one thing is so important but easily overlooked. In a disaster, how are you going to handle your situation? I've put some links on my list to some articles that may get you thinking. Next week I will have a great giveaway for a The Go Anywhere Portable Toilet from CleanWaste. Yes, you heard that right.

But I'm busy, busy right now gearing up for my son's wedding in April. Very excited for him! But I will be running hard this month. So if my posts are brief (are they ever?) then you'll understand.

I also want to suggest a recent article called "Everyday Home Storage" by Emily Jamison in the Ensign magazine which may help those of you trying to do your food storage in small spaces on a tight budget. She shares the story of her husband getting into an accident, and how food storage helped her through the experience.

Enjoy General Conference! And focus on food storage on Monday.

You are free to print this list and share with others, but please mention my site.

Utah Shopping Deals:
(I'm guessing on Macey's upcoming case lot sale, but will update April 11th. Smith's sale is going on now)

Beans, canned (.57 Smith's and .50 Macey's CL)
Chili, canned (.95 Smith's and .79 Macey's CL)
Tuna, canned (.59 Smith's and .57 Macey's CL)
Soups, creamed (.65 Smith's and .50 Macey's CL)
Soups, tomato (.54 Smith's and .39 Macey's case lot sale)
Prepared soup like Progresso (look for $1.25 or less per can and use coupons! Smith's 1.25 but have to buy a case)
Dry beans or Lentils LT (LDS HS for black, white, pinto or refried beans; Macey's CL; Lentils EE)

LDS HS = LDS Home Storage center
EE = Emergency Essentials


  1. Valerie, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. As the provident living coordinator in my ward, I've been sharing your Monthly Food Storage Shopping List as a handout (which includes your site). I love the simplicity of your list. In addition, I include some of your tips in our monthly Relief Society Newsletter. I need your assistance, though. I'm having trouble accessing your April pdf list. Can you assist me? I'm hoping to provide this information to our sisters on Sunday.

  2. Hi Karen, Just click on the words "April 2012 Monthly Food Storage Shopping List.pdf" and you will find the list. Best wishes on your calling.


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