Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April 2012 Case Lot Sale Price Comparison With Smith's Sale

Because Smith's started their case lot sale today, and Macey's and Fresh Market won't have their sales until April 11th, I added the Smith's prices to my Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list. But I will update it again for the other sales.

Smith's prices are similar to the sale they had in January, but they have fewer items. As you look at the list make sure you are looking at the right sale, because I keep fall dates, and January dates. It's very useful to compare items you can buy in a case lot sale with those you can get everyday at Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, LDS Home Storage centers and various food storage companies.

Even though it's not a shelf-stable food storage item, I am getting the 5 lb. bag of Tillamook shredded cheese and using the $1.00 off coupon from

April 2012 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison with Smith's.pdf

(This is 14 pages long. Just look at it instead of printing as you decide what to purchase.)

Consider using my Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists so you don't break the bank shopping for food storage. Shop for items a week-at-a-time or month-at-a-time. I will post the April list in a few day.

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  1. That is one amazing list! Thank you, thank you!

  2. I apologize if this is just me bein dumb, but it looks like there is something wrong with the page. Everytime I view it, it has two boxes covering most of the words on the first and second paragraphs.

  3. Thanks, Brooke. I see it and I'm working on it.


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