Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 2012 Monthly Food Storage Shopping List

Here is my April Monthly Food Storage Shopping list. I wanted to finish it up this morning before the LDS General Conference. This month we are gathering soup, fish and beans. A funny combination, but there is a method to my madness. I try to spread the expense out over the year and focus on seasonal deals. Those of you in Utah will find these items on sale at the case lot sales. But those living elsewhere will benefit as well because you will stay focused. Use coupons or ask a store manager if they will discount a case of items. Don't be afraid to ask.

We are also focusing on gathering our sanitation supplies. This one thing is so important but easily overlooked. In a disaster, how are you going to handle your situation? I've put some links on my list to some articles that may get you thinking. Next week I will have a great giveaway for a The Go Anywhere Portable Toilet from CleanWaste. Yes, you heard that right.

But I'm busy, busy right now gearing up for my son's wedding in April. Very excited for him! But I will be running hard this month. So if my posts are brief (are they ever?) then you'll understand.

I also want to suggest a recent article called "Everyday Home Storage" by Emily Jamison in the Ensign magazine which may help those of you trying to do your food storage in small spaces on a tight budget. She shares the story of her husband getting into an accident, and how food storage helped her through the experience.

Enjoy General Conference! And focus on food storage on Monday.

You are free to print this list and share with others, but please mention my site.

Utah Shopping Deals:
(I'm guessing on Macey's upcoming case lot sale, but will update April 11th. Smith's sale is going on now)

Beans, canned (.57 Smith's and .50 Macey's CL)
Chili, canned (.95 Smith's and .79 Macey's CL)
Tuna, canned (.59 Smith's and .57 Macey's CL)
Soups, creamed (.65 Smith's and .50 Macey's CL)
Soups, tomato (.54 Smith's and .39 Macey's case lot sale)
Prepared soup like Progresso (look for $1.25 or less per can and use coupons! Smith's 1.25 but have to buy a case)
Dry beans or Lentils LT (LDS HS for black, white, pinto or refried beans; Macey's CL; Lentils EE)

LDS HS = LDS Home Storage center
EE = Emergency Essentials

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April 2012 Case Lot Sale Price Comparison With Smith's Sale

Because Smith's started their case lot sale today, and Macey's and Fresh Market won't have their sales until April 11th, I added the Smith's prices to my Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list. But I will update it again for the other sales.

Smith's prices are similar to the sale they had in January, but they have fewer items. As you look at the list make sure you are looking at the right sale, because I keep fall dates, and January dates. It's very useful to compare items you can buy in a case lot sale with those you can get everyday at Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, LDS Home Storage centers and various food storage companies.

Even though it's not a shelf-stable food storage item, I am getting the 5 lb. bag of Tillamook shredded cheese and using the $1.00 off coupon from

April 2012 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison with Smith's.pdf

(This is 14 pages long. Just look at it instead of printing as you decide what to purchase.)

Consider using my Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists so you don't break the bank shopping for food storage. Shop for items a week-at-a-time or month-at-a-time. I will post the April list in a few day.

Read: How to Use my Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists

Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 13: Food Storage Goals March 25th - 31st

I hope you Utah shoppers are preparing for the upcoming case lot sales

WEEK #13
March 25th - 31st 
Tomatoes & Pasta, and First Aid Kits 

Here is what we're working on this week:
INVENTORY: Count your grains and dry pasta and record the amounts on your inventory sheets. This may be part of your long-term storage or 3-month short term storage. Items like wheat, rice, corn, spaghetti, macaroni, etc.

EMERGENCY FUND: Put aside the weekly financial reserve amount you decided on with your spouse. Consider $2.00 per week per family member or more.

WATER SUPPLY (2-week supply): Continue to buy or fill water as needed. Work towards a minimum of 14 gallons per person. I store 4x24 ct. cases of bottled water per person for drinking/cooking, and then water in barrels for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. Store in a location that does not have intense heat, and direct sunlight. Store in several places in your home in case disasters make it difficult to obtain it in one location.

FOOD STORAGE (3-month per adult): 2 cans prepared pasta like raviolis or spaghettios AND 12 pkg. ramen soup noodles. If you have small children, you may want more of these items than the suggested amounts. Just the other day my girls asked where the raviolis were. You may want to wait for the Macey's case lot sale to stock up. Consider how nice it would be to have these types of foods in an emergency. 

NON-FOOD: 1 laundry stain remover. This is optional, but something extra you may want on hand if finances get tight.

72-HOUR KIT: 3-day supply of food and water. I'm gathering my supplies so my family and I can redo our food packs this weekend.

AUTO KIT:  3-day supply of food and water. I'm out of food bars and fruit snacks in my car, so I need to restock.

EQUIPMENT: Hand towels. Add to your family emergency supply bucket. Just find something old from your kitchen. It will be useful if you ever had to camp out at an evacuation center or outside during an emergency.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: If you live in Utah, make sure you register for "The Great Utah Shake Out," an emergency drill residents in the state of Utah will participate in on April 17, 2012.

Newbies: If you are new to my site, just jump right in here. If you have a busy week, don't worry about it. Anything you do will be a help to your family. Gather only the items you need and can afford. You may substitute other items. They may already be in your home and you just need to find and organize them. Adjust and/or multiply the amounts so they work for your family. Here is the March 2012 Food Storage Shopping list, and read "How to Use My Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists" for other ideas.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Upcoming Macey's Case Lot Sale

For those of you living in Utah, put the Macey's case lot sale on your calendar. I love their case lot sales! It will be from April 11 - 24th. I will share my April Monthly Food Storage Shopping list in a few weeks so it will coordinate with the sale. However, the list will still be useful to those of you living outside of Utah. Hopefully I will know the date of the Smith's case lot sale by then as well.

I am really looking forward to General Conference and hearing from our wonderful church leaders. Every six months gives me that extra boost I need. Sometime during the General Conference weekend, our family will update our 72-hour kit food packs and I will share that with you as well.

This week I've been de-cluttering many spaces in my home. It's like a domino effect. Moving one item to another shelf or cupboard means I have to move something else to another place as well. But I love organizing and improving things in my home. It has helped my group items so they are easier to inventory.

I'm slowly making my way to our food storage room. One of my goals this month is to reorganize it and share the before and after with you. I want to have it ready so I can easily put things away after I shop at the Macey's case lot sale. Thank goodness my strong children will do most of the moving of the cans and boxes. It doesn't take much time if I am ready to direct traffic. I've been drawing up a plan on graph paper and will share that with you too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In The Prep News

Please if you have an upcoming emergency preparedness fair or worthwhile service event in April 2012, and I will add it to the Prep News. Hopefully some of you have a function coming near you.

Preparedness Fair - Newnan, Georgia 
Saturday, March 24, 2012: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: Old Atlanta Highway LDS church building
More information here.

Preparedness Fair - Germantown, Maryland 
Saturday, March 24, 2012: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Location: 18900 Kingsview Rd, Germantown, MD 20874 (Seneca LDS Stake Center)
More information here. Class schedule here.

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Dickinson Co., TN  
Saturday, March 31, 2012: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Location: Dickson County Fairgrounds. Admission is free.
More information here.

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Orem, Utah  
Friday April 6, 2012: 11 a.m.
Saturday April 7, 2012: 9 a.m.
Location: Utah Valley University Events Center. Last year 1500 attended.
More information here.

Charity Race for Orphans in China 

Saturday, April 7th, 2012: 9:00 am
Utah United for Half the Sky will be hosting a charity 5k/10k race event to help orphans in China who desperately need our help! The event will be run along the beautiful Provo River Trail and will start and finish at the Paul Ream Wilderness Park! Each participant will be given a free race t-shirt, sports drinks, energy bars, water, and fresh fruit. The registration fee for each participant will be $25 and 100% of the proceeds will go to helping the orphans. If you have a group of 10 or more a group rate is available: email
Website here

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Middleton, Idaho  
Monday April 9, 2012: 6 - 8 p.m.
Middleton Middle School
More information here.

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Cobourg, Ont., Canada
Saturday, April 14, 2012: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: Columbia Mall, Columbia, TN
More information here

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Maury County, TN
Saturday, April 14, 2012: 1:00 pm
Location: LDS Church 8224 Danforth W, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada (Hamilton TWP)
Contact 289-251-5804

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Coos Bay, OR
Saturday, April 14, 2012: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Sunset Middle School, 245 S Cammann, Coos Bay, OR
More information here

Utah's Great ShakeOut 
Tuesday, April 17th: 10:15 a.m.
Thousands of Utahns will "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" in The Great Utah ShakeOut, the largest earthquake drill in Utah history!
Register here at

Tri-City Emergency Preparedness Fair - West Haven, UT
Friday, April 20, 2012: 7 p.m.
Location: LDS Chapel: 4555 W 4000 S., West Haven, UT 84401.
For the cities of Farmington, Kaysville, and Fruit Heights, Utah.
Flyer here

Tri-City Emergency Preparedness Fair - Farmington, UT
Saturday, April 21, 2012: 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Location: Farmington Jr. High 150 S. 200 W.
For the cities of Farmington, Kaysville, and Fruit Heights, Utah.
Flyer here

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Moscow, Idaho
Saturday, April 21, 2012: 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2600 W “A” Street (behind Staples).
More information here

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Redding, CA
Saturday, April 21, 2012: 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. for persons with disabilities and from 2 p..m until 4 p.m. it will be open to the public.
3410 Churn Creek Road (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
More information here

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Price, Utah
Saturday, April 28, 2012: 12:00-6:00 p.m.
Location: Carbon County Events Center, 310 S. Fairgrounds Drive, Price
Contact: 636-3740.

Emergency Preparedness Fair & Blood Drive - Tulare, CA
Saturday, April 28, 2012: 10:00 - 2:00
Location: Tulare Public Library

Emergency Preparedness Fair - Mountain Home, ID
Saturday, April 28th, 2012: 10:00am -2:00pm
Location: 790 S Haskett St, Mountain Home, ID
More information here

Disaster Preparedness Fair - San Mateo, CA
Saturday, June 9, 2012: 10:00am -2:00pm
Location: San Mateo Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA
More information here

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dynamo Radio Giveaway Winner



Valerie Zoto
from North Dakota

for winning the 

Winner has been notified by email. Thanks to all those who participated. 
 You are all winners to me. Keep watching for more giveaways.

For a chance to win 1 of 4 copies of my new book 
"The 12-Month Food Storage Organizer," 
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 12: Food Storage Goals March 18th - 24th

There is never a dull moment around here for me. This past week I've been trying to decide if I will teach preschool again this fall, and it has taken lots figuring out. My wonderful former accountant husband has helped me look at the numbers and think through what will be best for us.

I love kids! I love to teach. But I'm a granny. :-) Perhaps Granny A's Preschool? And I'm busy with my own family, preparing for a wedding, and my wonderful blog readers. Add to that my book. But I love it all. I will keep you posted.

WEEK #12
March 18th - 24th 
Tomatoes & Pasta, and First Aid Kits 

Here is what we're working on this week:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway: Help Me Finish My Food Storage Organizer

Many of my readers have told me they enjoy using my Monthly Food Storage Shopping lists. I am so pleased! So, I am putting together a book called The Food Storage Organizer. But I need your input on what you want this book to become. I am focusing on buying food storage throughout the year.

If you are willing to share your comments and ideas, you will be entered in my newest giveaway. I will be giving my book away to 4 lucky winners! See the entry at the end of this post.

Here is a preview of the introduction. Definitely a rough draft with typos, but it will get you thinking.


I began this book in 2009, but struggled to finish it because I kept thinking I had to learn more. Until I finally figured out there will always be more to learn and imperfect people can write good books. Besides, I needed this book now too, so I could move forward with my own food storage.

Of all of the books I wanted to find in a bookstore, this is the one I most wanted. I’m not bragging, but telling you the truth. I really wanted a book that simplified food storage. And I kept looking for it, hoping someone had written it. A book that doesn't make me feel guilty if everything wasn’t made from scratch. A book for normal people that sometimes use jarred spaghetti sauce and eat cold cereal. A book that helps me shop for food storage without overwhelming me. Could I actually be put on autopilot while shopping for food storage?

The Food Storage Organizer is simply a month-to-month organizer with weekly shopping suggestions from my studies of what is available seasonally in grocery stores across the country. And it’s adaptable for anyone. So you get a year’s worth of carefully researched suggestions that you can repeat again next year.

Why seasonal? Because you can get some of the best food prices when you shop seasonally. Why different foods each month? So you don’t buy things you don’t need. You don’t want to end up with 24 cans of green beans and only two boxes of cereal.

The organizer focuses on buying everyday shelf-stable foods until you accumulate a 3-month food storage supply, a 2-week water supply, and a rainy day fund. You just repeat the process over and over again so you will rotate your food storage. And then if you have space and finances, you add long-term foods like wheat, dry beans, etc. And don’t feel guilty.

I borrowed this idea from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the experts on food storage. In 2007 they revised their food storage plan calling it the “Four-Step Approach to Home Storage” which I’ll paraphrase here:

Step 1 - Gather a 3-month supply of shelf-stable foods your family usually eats
Step 2 - Gather drinking water
Step 3 - Establish a financial reserve
Step 4 - After doing the first 3 steps, gather long-term foods.

Can you imagine how much better prepared you will be for unexpected job loss or a disaster with a 3-month supply of food put aside? Foods your kids will eat. Of course you can add a small supply of long-term foods in your 3-month supply, but you don’t have to.

Even though I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints you don’t have to be a Mormon to benefit from this organizer. People of all faiths know that gathering food storage to prepare for life’s difficulties is crucial. However, you probably won’t see coffee, tea, or alcohol on my lists. So I hope you will let that slide.

And guess what? I’m giving you permission to not do everything on my lists. I can’t do them all either. If you have a busy week or two, no one will ever know you skipped week 36. However, you are not allowed to gather what you cannot afford. No one should go into debt for food storage. It doesn’t make sense.

Once you start gathering, you will begin to make a dent in that huge abyss of personal preparedness. Any step forward, is a step forward, so don't get hung up on the details. This book will help you naturally gather food storage (and emergency items if you with) each month while you grocery shop, so you will use it and buy some more. The amounts listed are for a 3-month supply. But you can always multiply that by 4 to come up with a year’s supply. However, not all foods have a one year shelf life.

The suggested items and amounts should be adapted by you. You will do a little math to figure out how much is best for your family. And you will find along the way that you will need to increase or decrease those amounts as the size, ages and tastes of your family change. Please consider food allergies, ages of children, and the medical needs of your family, so The Food Storage Organizer becomes uniquely yours.

This organizer does not suggest refrigerator or freezer foods because most people will lose those items in an power outage. My focus is shelf stable foods: foods which are canned, packaged or boxed and will not expire for several months to a year. However, continue to purchase perishable foods like you normally do.

Each month you’ll see tips that will help you save money. The more money you save, the more money you have for food storage. And you will learn how to take a mini weekly inventory of a few suggested items.

I will do my best to help you not feel guilty, and succeed. I hope you enjoy gathering food storage and becoming better prepared. Best wishes! Valerie END

FREE BOOK Giveaway:
Prize: 4 lucky winners will receive a copy of my new book,
 "The 12-Month Food Storage Organizer"

To Enter:
First, comment here at the bottom of this post what you want in this book. You've read my ideas above, but I want to hear from you! What do you need this book to be?
Next, for a second entry, Like on Facebook. If you've already done it, let me know in your email.
Last, but very important, EMAL ME that you commented and/or Liked my blog. Put "Free Book" in the subject line. I will respond to your email within two days.

Open to:
Everyone! This is a worldwide giveaway from me to you.

Last Day to Enter:
Saturday, August 31st.
Winners announced Monday, September 10th, 2012

Good luck!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To Organize The Medicine Cabinet

Last week I took an inventory of our medicine cabinet. Because I check the first aid and medicine supplies once a year, I'm usually pretty thorough. As I began going through things, and tossing more than I liked, I decided to thin down the list of medicines we really need.

As I went through them, I found that some items I over purchased at those buy two for the price of one sales. How much medicine do you really need?

As I worked, I created a list of what I really want to have on hand like this:

Medicine Cabinet Supplies

I also marked the expiration dates on the tops or sides of the lids of medicine like I've done in the past, which makes it easier to see as in this picture. Can't stand hunting for those dates.

Old picture, but you get the idea. Don't put liquids on their sides!
Storing medicine needs to be accessible to me, not accessible to small kids, and in one place for an easy inventory. I like to keep the medicine in a Sterilite Show Offs container because it latches down and has a handle on top which makes it easier to grab from a high shelf without spilling the contents.


My tote is like item 1894, 14 1/4" L x 9 1/2" W x 6 7/8" H. But there are several sizes to choose from.

1894 - ShowOffs™ Storage Container 

I put a few over-sized items on a plastic lazy Susan turn-table, like the rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, after purchasing new bottles at Winegar's case lot sale. It was amazing to fit most things in two containers; the tote and the tackle-box first aid kit.


For more organized medicine cabinet ideas, go to my Pinterest site.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 11: Food Storage Goals March 11th - 17th

The sun is shining here in Utah as I type on my deck. When I lived in California, 62 degrees was cool, but here it's warm. And the mountains are just beautiful! Here is what we're working on this week:

WEEK #11 
March 11th - 17th 
Tomatoes & Pasta, and First Aid Kits 

Here is what we're working on this week:

Friday, March 9, 2012

PLDSFamily Giveaway: Dynamo Solar Powered Radio

(Giveaway over)
During an emergency, 
staying connected to valuable news information is essential. 
To help you become better prepared, 

is partnering with me to offer one lucky winner an

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Store Bottled Water Off The Floor on A Dolly

When bottled water goes on sale, I buy a few cases for our emergency water supply. I keep some cases in the garage, and some in the emergency closet. And of course bottles in our 72-hour kits, and barrels in the basement. But the cases were not stacking very well in the garage, so I needed a better storage idea. I didn't want shelves because most shelves don't allow you to double-stack cases of water. The water needed to be off the floor and movable when we clean the garage. Not an easy feat. Our garage doesn't get very hot in the summer, which is nice. And the bottles are out of direct sunlight.

Tipsy cases of water

Monday, March 5, 2012

Where to Buy Honey in Utah

Yum, yum, honey! Here is a list of honey sellers in Utah I'm been gathering for a few years. I do not know the content of the honey from the providers below or who sell raw honey. Please call them directly for more information. Thanks!

Utah Honey Providers
  • Slide Ridge Honey - 1600 South 5450 West, Mendon, UT 84325 (435) 752-4956 
  • The Honey Stop - 159 E 800 S, Salt Lake City 84111
  • White Lake Farms - south end of Utah County
  • Cox Honeyland of Utah -1780 S. Hwy 89-91 Logan, Utah 84321 (435) 752-3234  
  • The Honey Jar - 5970 N Hwy 38, Brigham City, UT 84302 (435) 279-8279 
  • Millcreek Valley Farm - Ogden, UT
  • Herb's Honey - 1526 South 2500 West, Vernal, UT 84078 (435) 789-5712
  • Beesley's Best Raw Honey - 933 E. Binford Street, Ogden, Utah, 84401 (801)-686-5557  
  • Perry's Honey - 1162 N. Main Street in Farmington, UT (801) 451-2346
  • Bee Anderson Honey - 4054 Acord Way, West Valley City, UT 84120
  • Hansen Hives & Store
  • Miller Honey Co. - 3000 S West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 M - Th 9 - 3:30
  • Jones Bee Company - 2586 West 500 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • Wasatch Honey - 5033 South Commerce Drive, Murray, Utah, 84107 (801) 263-6666  
  • Neighborhood Beekeeping LLC - 5452 W 10130 N, Highland, UT 
  • Bee Anderson Honey Co - 4054 Acord Way, West Valley City, UT 84120
  • Blue Box Honey - 1453 Heather Downs Drive, South Jordan, UT 84095 (801) 899-6007
  • Budge's Honey 375 North 580 West #1, American Fork, UT online
  • 3 Bee Honey - Orem, Utah (801) 471-3494
  • The Honey Company - 570 East 2200 North Provo, UT 84604 (801) 735-7227
  • Knight Family Honey -1761 South 970 West, Lehi, UT 84043 (801) 706-0984
  • Sydney's Honey - Benjamin, Utah (801) 798-3224 (South of Spanish Fork)
  • Mountain Spring Honey Company - 11705 E. 21000 N., Mount Pleasant, UT (435) 462-5334.
  • Queen Farina - 335 E. 120 S., Smithfield, UT 84335

Bulk Honey
  • Emergency Essentials Superpail 5 gallons/60 lbs. $174.95
  • Miller Honey Co. (see above) call for bulk prices not shown online
  • Cox Honeyland (see above) 1 gallon $42.50
  • The Honey Company (see above) 5 gallon bucket $130.00
  • Mountain Spring Honey Company 5 gallon bucket $120.00
A friend sent me this information:
"Hi Valerie, Just thought I'd comment on your honey hunt...Funny we have been doing the same research here in CA. One thing I have learned is the difference in honey... There is RAW honey and not raw honey. There is much more to it than that, but that is what I call it. The not raw honey is heated above 100 degrees to get it out of the hives therefore killling the natural pollen, which is to be the natural medicinal element. This honey is 1/3 the price, and great for baking because you heat it anyway and kill the pollen!!This is what is usually sold in stores also. RAW honey on the other hand is 3 times more expensive but has the good stuff left in it! This is best for eating plain in oatmeal, peanut butter, herbal teas, toast etc. You get the idea. There is lots of info out there, and I may not be the most accurate at explaining it, but people should understand what they are buying...Sometimes a good deal is only as good as what you are getting. I do appreciate your sources. Actually I have bought honey from the Neighborhood Honey people ( It is good and it is raw. I will look some of them up next time we are in Utah!! Hard to find local raw honey here. Love your site!" O.N. in California

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 10: Food Storage Goals March 4th - 10th

We are in California this weekend for my granddaughter's baby blessing. Yesterday as I ate breakfast in our hotel, I saw the news report about the devastating tornadoes that have affected 17 million people over the past few days. My heart ached as I watched the report, and I am saddened that so many are going through such a difficult, trying time.

Seeing these news reports makes me wonder if I am really prepared enough. At times like this I pray for those who are struggling, knowing that a loving Father in Heaven is listening. And I hope you'll do the same. If you would like to help those who have been affected, visit the Red Cross here.

As we approach a new week with our food storage and emergency preparedness, let me share what I did last week. I purchased some cases of food at Bowman's in Kaysville, but need to pick up a few more items this week. Because of our trip, I was unable to put my cans away, so they are still in the kitchen. When I get home I will mark the date of purchase on my items. They've already been entered on my inventory list.

This was the first shopping trip in a long time where I didn't need to buy much because we are getting to that point of being well-stocked. It's a nice feeling. I will be heading to Winegars in Bountiful this week for some cases of water ($2.50 24 ct. case) and canned tomatoes (14.5 oz. @ .50 ea.) to finish up.

Newbies: If you are new to my site, just jump right in here. You are never behind. If you have a busy week, don't worry about it. Anything you do will be a help to your family. Gather only the items you need and can afford. They may already be in your home and you just need to find and organize them. Adjust and/or multiply the amounts so they work for your family. Click here for the monthly March 2012 Food Storage Shopping list, and read "How to Use My Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists" for other ideas. You may want to look at it if you are making a big shopping trip at these early-March case lot sales.

Here is what we're working on this week: 

WEEK #10 
March 4th - 10th
Tomatoes & Pasta, and First Aid Kits