Thursday, January 5, 2012

Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison January 2012

Just when I thought I was getting caught up on life (because kids are back in school), Harmon's and Smith's grocery stores decide to have case lot sales! And of course, I had to update my Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list for January 2012. I didn't have time to get Costco current prices, but they are similar to Sam's Club. And Walmart, well, I'll walk that store in the spring.

If you live here in Utah, this list takes me 10 hours to put together! Whew! But, it helps you decide if you should buy items now at the case lot sales, or just at Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, LDS Home Storage Centers and food storage stores.

Tip: Look it over before you print it because it's 17 pages long. Or just look for the deals and write them another piece of paper.
Also, Smith's does not break cases. Harmon's sells case items by the eaches for an additional price.

NOTE! The powdered and brown sugar size at the Harmon's case lot sale is a misprint in the ad. The bags are only 1 lb. each. Harmon's has submitted a retraction. Just fixed it on the page.

January 2012 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison.pdf

How to Shop at Case Lot Sales


  1. Thanks so much for putting together your price list and sharing it with others. I can't thank you enough.

  2. Thank you for list out all the prices and price comparison. Here i am also giving good example for price comparison services provider called "".

  3. I just discovered your blog. So awesome! I'm excited to start building up my food storage. This case lot list is amazing! I appreciate you sharing this. Is the Harmon's case lot store over? I never shop there and can't seem to find when the sales are. Thanks!

  4. Hi! Glad you dropped by. Yes, the Harmon's sale is over. I put last year's dates on the bottom of the case lot list. That is about the time the next sales will be: Spring and Fall. I will announce them here!


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