Friday, January 27, 2012

New Giveaway: Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter from Emergency Essentials

(Giveaway over)

One of the items we are focusing on this month is water. 
No one wants to be without clean water, 
but you could find yourself without it after a disaster. 
So to help you become better prepared, 
Emergency Essentials
is partnering with me 
to offer one lucky winner 
A $35.95 value!
This bottle removes particles and dirt from water.

  • Cushioned Mouthpiece - easy drinking and folds flat to prevent leaking.
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Carbon filter - reduces chemicals, eliminates odors and improves taste of water
  •  Pleated Cartridge - extra large surface requires no cleaning and provides superior flow rate.
  • Removes pathogenic cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium and bacteria
  •  Integral Carry Loop - easily attaches to packs, boats, etc.
  • Cartridge Life Counter - integrated mechanism indicates when to replace your filter.
  • Straw - includes straw to use instead of microfilter cartridge if water source has been treated and is safe for drinking (like most tap water) 

1 Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter

To Enter:
1.      Comment on this post how you are storing water and receive one entry in the hat.
2.      For an additional entry, Follow the Emergency Essentials blog PreparednessPantry,
3.      For an additional entry, Like Emergency Essentials on Facebook
4.     You must email PreparedLDSFamily [at] gmail [dot] com with "Katadyn" in the subject line, then in the body put your full name and home state. Tell me if you commented on this post, and if you followed the Preparedness Pantry blog and/or Liked Emergency Essentials on Facebook for additional entries.

If you don't hear from me in two days, send the email again.

Open to: 
U.S. residents only 

Last Day to Enter: 
Friday, February 3rd. Winner announced February 4th.

January: Wk. 4

Inventory: Freezer
Weekly Emergency Fund: Put aside the amount you chose
Food Storage: 1x12 oz. can Evaporated Milk per adult (coupon here)
Non-Food: 1 bottle of Hair Conditioner per month
72-Hour Kit: Mini Hand Sanitizer
Auto Kit: 10 oz. Hand Sanitizer (Purell coupons here, but store brand can be cheaper)

(I'll be adding these reminders to the bottom of every post to help you stay on track)


  1. I would love to add one of these to my food storage. My family goal is 2200 gallons of water for a year supply. I store 5,15,55 gallon barrels and focus mainly on 24 pack water bottles. My next water storage goal is one of those liners for my bathtub to store water in a last minute emergency!

  2. We have large barrels with water + 5 gallon mylar bags + 2 ltr bottles stacked all around our garage + individual water bottles. We rotate the water in the 2 ltr. bottles by using it to water flowers, etc.

  3. Hey love your blog. I am saving water in 2 liter bottles as I use them and the one gallon juice bottles. I store them under the staircase, or where ever they will fit. I also heard a good idea. I am going to start using the empty large laundry detergent bottles for utility water. They even already have spigots on them. I also am creating a Berkey style water filtaration system. It costs about $80 instead of over $200. I can get you the directions for free if you are interested.

  4. We have our water needs covered in several ways:

    1. We have bottled water near our 72 hour kits.
    2. We have water purifiers and tablets.
    3. We have 10 5 gal. jugs of water in the garage.
    4. We have multiple rainwater collectors in the yard.

    We are always looking for new ways to store water in limited space.

  5. I use cleaned/bleached soda bottles for most of my water storage. I also buy the 1 gallon bottles of water when they are on sale.

  6. My water storage includes bottled water, both cases of 24 and gallon jugs. I also recyle plastic bottles and mark these for other use. I would love to have a water filter to have the comfort and less worry for when I will have the need for one.

  7. I think this would be perfect to go in our bug out kits!! We store water in barrels down in the basement...we have a cistern, which could be a nice back up plan, and I have bottled water in the car and am slowly gathering packages of that for the convinence factor. I like what Anne said about the liner for the tub. I just automatically fill the tub...I figure it's better than nothing!! Enter me!! Thanks for your blog!! I signed up for the email a few days ago!!

  8. I am working on my water storage. So far, I only have a few cases of water (24-pack). I would love to have a water filter too!

  9. I store our water in 1 gallon juice bottles. They are pretty light and fit in our backpacks for a quick getaway! I keep them in the basement under the stairs and in the whole area near the washer/dryer.

  10. We're working on starting our water supply, so we only have some bottles and jugs so far.

  11. I would love to have one of these to add to my water storage. I have 2 55gal water barrels and 24 pks bottled water.

  12. We have barrels, 5 gal containers, 2 liters, and lots of individual bottles too! We are good for our 2 week supply, but increasing with every 2 liter soda we drink or sales on bottles. Thanks for the blog, it's inspirational!

  13. Water is a challenge for me having a small place. We start with 550 gallons outside in rain water harvest barrels - need that filter! Plus we keep 2 55-gal drums with plywood across in the garage and use it as a worktable. Then there is 100 gallons in soda/juice bottles under the beds.

  14. Been using rinsed out 2 liter soda bottles in boxes from a local spring since our well has sulphur compounds. Not bad for washing but drinking is more enjoyable with the minerals from the constantly flowing spring. Will be doing all the above and mentioning it in the email to boot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Unfortunately as of right now I only have bottled water. We have a plan to be moving soon, and it’s been hard to try and save more. Hopefully when we get a little more permanent, I’ll be able to store more.

  16. I have several cases of water and a lot of five gallon juugs under our stairs on top of plywood. we are going to get a filtervsoon and are looking at some options.

  17. I am currently storing my families water in 5 gallon containers, I am in the process of trying to become more prepared and get a better 72 hour kit for my husband and our two children, I would love to win!

  18. We just moved from Utah to Texas, hurricane country. Because we had limited space on the truck, we are mostly starting over with water storage. I did bring 2 5-gallon jugs, and we have bought a couple of cases of bottled water. We also keep several gallons of distilled water for DH's cpap machine. I am now starting to save soda bottles and juice bottles to store water in. I want an assortment of different ways of storing our water.

  19. For water storage, I have one 55 gal drum for each person in the family. I then added 3 extras, just in case. We have cases of water in each car and use them regularly as we are an active soccer family and having water in the car helps. I have water filter under the sink that filters water from one tap.

  20. I'm just getting started with our water storage- you have to start somewhere, right? I have a few cases of water bottles and will look into larger drums once we move this summer. Thanks for all of the great info!

  21. We use soda bottles. I'd like to have something better, but that works well for us for now.

  22. We keep bottled water on hand and have a 50 gallon drum. I know we need to do better!

  23. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    We currently store water in several ways. One, 16.9 oz bottles in the cases in our utility room on a shelf. Two, two liter bottles of water in our freezer. Three, gallon sized bottles in our pantry, cars, trailer. We are hoping to get a couple large 55 gallon drums from Emergency Essentials this year and store those in our shed out back.

    I also have "liked" Emergency Essentials and I follow their blog also!

  24. We have several 5 gallon jugs, a few cases of bottled water, and empty soda/juice bottles filled with water.

  25. right now i am storing water in cleaned out 96 oz plastic juice jugs---and we purchased 4 of the 50 gallon drums--they are used {had soy sauce in them} so we need to properly clean them and get them filled---thats our goal before the spring
    this would be great to win!

  26. We have barrels plus we have a 175gallon container full. We also have 16oz. bottles and we fill up old juice containers. You can never have enough water. We have a large filtration system from Emergency essentials but I would love this for the car or 72hr. kit.

  27. I'm going today to get my 2 week water supply. Also, i think i want to have gallon water bottles on hand for my cleaning and cooking.
    I do need something for my emergency kit though and this would be perfect.

  28. I have six 55 gallon drums filled with water in my carport, and we also store water bottles inside our house.

  29. You are all so amazing! It's so exciting to see all the ways you are storing water, and your desire to become prepared. I hope to move from my 55 gallon barrels for cooking/cleaning to some smaller 5 gallon containers. I have my 24 ct. packs of water bottles in my garage, some in my emergency closet in the house, some in our 72 hour kits, and some in the cars. Thanks for participating.

  30. I've been refilling juice bottles, but I think I may be doing it wrong. I need to read you pdf a bit closer and fix my process.

  31. We have water bottles, 5 gallon containers, and 15 gallon drums.

  32. We have a water well which we're purchasing a hand pump from Lehman's to install in case of no electricity.
    Also, we are going to purchase a water cistern and place it in strategic places around our farm.
    Bottled water is third on our list for easy access in a hurry.
    Quite possibly, we might look into the purchasing of used water heaters for the express purpose of storing clean water.

  33. I have water in many different containers - 55 gallon barrels, commercial 24 packs of bottles, and refilled soda and juice bottles. I, too, would like to store a large amount of water.
    A water filter is always useful.

  34. Hi everyone. I love hearing about what everyone is doing. However, it seems that we are all (me included) listing our barrels and bottles. I'd love more information on how often you change out water and if you add peroxide or clorox to your stores. Thank in advance,

  35. I have tried to cover our water needs with 24 packs of bottles, water purifier and tablets and five 55 gallon drums located on pallets that line the back wall of the garage. Thanks for the inforamtion on your blog.

  36. Right now we are just storing water in 24 packs. But I have been researching 55g drums and will be purchasing in the next few weeks when we get our tax return =)

  37. Right now we only have bottled water and water purification tablets. We are in a small town home in New Jersey and there's not much room to spare! THis would be a great addition!

  38. We are working on stocking up more. We will be getting 24 pack water bottles, we have 30 gallon containers and 2gallon water jugs near our 72 hr kits!

  39. Has anyone tried one of those "water bob's?" It's a large plastic bag that fits in the bathtub and you fill it with the tub faucet. Holds like 200 gals. Seems great if you have time to fill it.

  40. I have a 3 month supply of food and non-food items, unfortunately, my water storage is seriously lacking. I live in the desert and don't have a swimming pool. However, I do have bleach and a gas stove for boiling water.


Thanks for your comments and suggestions!