Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Fridge List

After several prototypes, I finally finished My Fridge List. This is the new grocery list I hang on my refrigerator so my family and I can check off those items we need from the store. I am very happy with it! This morning I finished it while watching the news and trying to get caught up after my trip to California to see my beautiful granddaughter.

Isn't she lovely?

Okay. I miss her. Back to the list. First, I printed it and then laminated it.

Then I attached it to my refrigerator with poster tacky, but you could use magnets. I don't hang much on my refrigerator, but this list is a necessity. Then I clipped a wet dry erase marker onto it, hoping it won't fall off.

You could make a copy and use it as a grocery list. You are welcome to print My Fridge List.pdf. Let me know if there are any typo's with this printable, or if you have trouble printing it.

To see how this list can be useful with your food storage, go to this post: "Making Food Storage Part of Your Household Routines."

Also, if you haven't entered the Grocery Cents Thrive Foods Drink Mix giveaway going on this week, go here for more information. Ends Friday, January 20th.


  1. This is AMAZING! Thank you for taking the time to put it together so I can use it :-) Seriously AMAZING! THANK YOU!

  2. Yes, she is absolutely beautiful. God continues to do such fine work ! Thank you for sharing her picture

  3. A beautiful Granddaughter and a great list....thanks. What kind of laminator do you use???? I think i need/want one of those.


  4. Hi 2Sammi,

    I love my laminator. I bought it used for $60.00 in an ad on KSL.com classifieds 4 years ago. It was used, but in great condition. It's an GBC H250HS.

  5. Love your list! Is there a version I can edit? No need for baby items and a need for other dietary things. BTW, I downloaded your 52 week inventory list for future use..it's perfect!

  6. Actually, this list is copyrighted, but you are free to print it.

  7. Your granddaughter is simply gorgeous! Our granddaughter just turned 21 months...it has been the most delightful time I have experienced in years. She is just the absolute JOY of our lives! Congratulations! Thanks for the list...very helpful.:)

  8. Hi! Being that your list is copyrighted I will not ask for a version I can edit but can you share the program you used to create it?

  9. Hi Whitni, It's an Excel spreadsheet. Took many hours to create, but I need it for my book. I'm sure you will make a your own great list. The circles are found in the symbols.

  10. Brilliant! Thanks! - MoSop

  11. You mention in this list that you have a "My Shop List." Have you added that to the site, or are you still working on it?

    1. No, Darla. I use this list as my shopping list and just print extra copies.

  12. thank you... now i will have a better organize list :) bless your heart for a job well done.

    xoxo Mother of One


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