Friday, January 13, 2012

How Much Food Storage Do You Want to Store?

I'm writing to you from sunny San Jose, California, where I am visiting my new grand baby. But the wheels are always turning, so I decided to give you something to work on. If are using my Monthly Food Storage Shopping lists and need a blank Food Storage Inventory Worksheet to figure out the total amount of each item you want to store for your family, below are my blank inventory worksheets. You can print them, and list the items you want to store under each category.

Ideas of what to store can be found on my 3-Month Food Storage Supply Plan for one person. Multiply the amounts by the adults in your family. If that sounds like too much for you, then adjust the amounts. As you decide on your items, list typical sizes you normally buy each item instead of mine. A detailed explanation of these inventory worksheets can be found at this post. Don't get bogged down with making your list perfect. Just list the basic shelf-stable foods you cook with everyday now. Over time as you experiment with your food storage menus (more on that later) you will come up with other items to store. I'm very practical with my list, meaning I don't store things like tomato powder or #10 cans of baking powder. But I do store 15 oz. cans of diced tomatoes and 10 oz. containers of baking powder.

Are you financially able to store for two people even though you have five living in your home? Then start with two. Be realistic. You don't have to store everything on my lists. Did you decide on a monthly budget with your spouse? Good. This will help you know how much you can afford.

If you only want a 3-month supply because you live in a small home, then start there. If you don't know where to store it, start small too. Over time you will discover new places you had not thought of before. Check out my Pinterest Boards to see various food storage shelves and rooms others have used.

You don't have to store a year's supply of everything. I keep a 3-month supply of powdered eggs, a 6-month supply of olive oil, and a year's supply canola oil. Over time, I've learned what things have a shelf life of 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or more. And you will too. Some of us know more about buying nail polish than buying food, but if you can master that, you can master this as well. :)

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After I return home from my trip, I'll share a Food Storage Organizer binder I can help you create. For now, hole punch your worksheets, and put them in a binder.

Goal #3 - List How Much Food Storage You Want to Store

Food Storage Inventory Worksheet
Home Storage Inventory Worksheet

(If you have any problems opening the files, let me know. Just fixed the files!)


  1. Hi, here's my very first post :-). How much do I want to store? With my husband and I being 'empty nesters' I would say a one year supply for two. However, as our adult children struggle in today's economy my efforts include another seven. Uncle Sam takes care of the rest of our family on active duty. Then I look at my neighborhood composed of newlyweds and long retired couples. At what point does my 'preparing' become hoarding? I realize we can't 'save the world' but I DO want to do what I can.

    1. My daughter was concerned about this too. One time she had a family of 9 come to live with her unexpectedly for 2-3 months. She was amazed at how efficiently things worked out. Their utility bill never increased. There was enough food for everyone, and the two families worked out a schedule for cooking and cleaning. There was enough bedding and blankets. The Lord provided just like in the times of the Bible. My daughter has been concerned about food storage for extended family members - in-laws, cousins, neighbors, and friends. She now has realized that if she does her part, the Lord will provide the rest for other people. She is doing the best she can.

  2. I really hate to admit what a "list-a-holic" I am, but I'm sure you figured that out awhile back. I have printed out a lot of things you've had in past years in pure joy and now you have more to give us. Thank you so much. But I'm hoping you are having the time of your life celebrating the baby's new birth with all your family. God bless

  3. Hi, I am sorry, I should have tried the PDF files before leaving my previous comment. Both files turn out home storage inventories for me, no food storage. Will check back tomorrow to see if there is a change. Thank you


  4. Janet,

    You really have to figure that out for yourself. You have a big heart. If my finances could do it, I would always have some extra for my adult kids. But I can't store everything for them. If you buy too much, will you be able to eat/rotate it before it expires? Come up with some starting goals, and then evaluate at the end of the year. You will learn what is working and what isn't. Just begin.

  5. I fixed the worksheets. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I'm a former combat veteran and from my point of view, a months supply of food for each person is sufficient.
    Most people will be dead within a week, if nothing else but from the shock of seeing death and destruction everywhere.
    You can then go around and collect up the food and other essentials that will be available to first come, first served.
    This is only right, seeing as the dead won't be needing any if it.
    I personally would never deny anyone food.
    Anyone who has been in a war or who has experienced unrest as I have knows how to survive.


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