Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Storage Giveaway by Grocery Cents

To help you stock up on food storage beverages this month,
the Grocery Cents blog,
is giving away pantry-sized cans of Thrive Foods
from Shelf Reliance consultant, Diana Boley
Non-Fat Powder Milk, 1.01 lbs.
Chocolate Drink Mix, 1.46 lbs.
Melon Berry Burst Drink Mix, 1.72 lbs.
If you would like a copy of the current price list, email

Giveaway Details:
• Giveaway is for a total of 3 Thrive Foods pantry-sized cans of Non-Fat Powder Milk, Chocolate Drink Mix, and Melon Berry Burst Drink Mix (a $27 value!)
• Giveaway is only for those living in the U.S.
• Giveaway is open from Thursday, January 12th through Friday, January 20th. Winner will be announced Saturday, January 21st.
• Giveaway is done by drawing a name out of a hat, so your email address only comes to me.

Steps to Enter:
1. Become a blog follower of
2. AND Like PreparedLDSFamily on Facebook. (If you are already a fan, let me know.)
3. THEN Email your first and last name to PreparedLDSFamily{at}gmail{dot}com with “Grocery Cents Drink Mix” in the subject line.

Tell your friends and family about this giveaway too!
Good luck!

(P.S. I am not paid to do giveaways.)


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  2. Valerie- Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I am excited to give one of your readers three of my favorite products! Good luck to everyone. =)

  3. Does powdered milk only come in the non-fat version or can it also be bought containing fat? I'm sure that would decrease the shelf life but as many times as I've tried to use it in recipes, I still can't get accustomed to the taste.

  4. Hi OldBones929,

    I've only used non-fat dry milk. If you store canned evaporated milk, it has more fat. But the shelf life is only about a year in a cool location.

    You could also store shelf milk cartons like those found at Gossner foods.

  5. I buy Nido powdered whole milk and the taste is great!! You can usually find it in the Mexican food section at the supermarket.

  6. At Shelf Reliance, we also sell "Instant Milk". It mixes up instantly. My family loves it because it tastes a lot like 1% milk! It isn't chalky tasting at all. And, because it mixes up instantly, you just put it in cold water and drink! (Although, we do like to add ice to make it colder.)
    Hope this helps!


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