Thursday, September 1, 2011

Harmons Case Lot Sale starts September 5, 2011

As I picked up a few items at the Harmons in Farmington today, they were setting up for the case lot sale that starts on Monday, Sept. 5 - 18, 2011. However, they told me you could get the case lot prices starting tomorrow (Friday).
They gave me a copy of the case lot price sheet and of course, I spilled Drano all over it. Yikes! Anyway it dried out. So here it is:

Harmons Case Lot Sale pg. 1
Harmons Case Lot Sale pg. 2


  1. You are so awesome to go to so much trouble! I have a question for you. I live here in Phoenix/Glendale Arizona. There are few, if any, case lot sales here. We are traveling to Utah in October to attend General Conference. Are there still some stores offering case lot deals during that time? Or are the deals over with by then. Thank you for any advise you can give me.

  2. Grammy Suzzy - The Utah case lot sales have been earlier this year. I talked with a few stores and I don't think any will happen at General Conference time. :( If I hear of any, I will certainly post them.


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