Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned For More Food Storage

Now that I'm back from girl's camp, I can focus on shopping for food storage using coupons. My coupon binder is packed full of coupons, thanks to my 5 great neighbors who have been saving coupon inserts for me.

Coupon Tip: Ask neighbors to save coupon inserts for you because most people don't use coupons. In return, give them coupons for their favorite restaurants.

Today I shopped at Smith's (Kroger) and bought a year's supply of Colgate toothpaste for $5.59 or .35 per tube! Retail would have been $36 for 16 tubes! Crazy, I know. A savings of 84%. I've been saving up my Colgate coupons, and watching and waiting for this Mega Event sale.

I also stocked up on Stayfree feminine items and paid $1.10 for each. A 64% savings. Obviously I bought other groceries (ice cream and napkins not pictured) and didn't save as much on them, but a penny saved is a penny earned for more food storage.

The picture above retailed for $146.00 (Can you believe it?)
I paid $70.00
52% overall savings


  1. Sometimes you can go to the post office and see if they have extra weekly inserts. They just throw them away if not used.

  2. Just started using coupons...since I've been trying to build up my non-wheat and rice storage. I didn't have quite as many coupons as you did, but I got a lot of the same stuff...I was excited to buy all the regular food items, plus a bunch of stuff to put into storage for the same about 50% savings! Thanks for helping give me courage! I love your updates!


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