Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poll: How Much is in Your Food Storage?

In a recent food storage poll on PreparedLDSFamily, an amazing 1,420 readers participated. Most of my readers live in the United States but some live worldwide. Obviously this is not a Gallup poll; however my readers are earnestly seeking emergency preparedness. Over the past two months, participants were asked, "How Much is in Your Food Storage?" Here are the interesting results:

Online Graphing

As you look at these numbers you can see that close to 25% have less than a 1 month food storage supply, 67% have less than a 6 month supply, and only 18% have a year supply or more. Some of you are just becoming motivated
and that's great! I would guess that many of those who have a year supply do not have a 3-month supply of shelf-stable foods you regularly eat, but that those foods are long-term only.

I want you to know that I believe you can do the Four-Step Home Storage Approach the LDS church teaches if you shop for many food storage items along with your grocery shopping and make a few trips a year shopping at an LDS Home Storage Center or granary or Sam's Club/Costco. I encourage this process because you will rotate (eat) your food and buy it again and again. Do the first three steps simultaneously, and the fourth step after the first three are completed. Or if you have done the fourth step that get the first three steps done.

Step 1: Three-Month Supply - Gradually build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet until it is sufficient for three months. (These are shelf-stable foods.)

Step 2: Drinking Water – Store drinkable water.

Step 3: Financial Reserve – Set up a financial reserve by setting aside a little money each week and use it only for emergencies.

Step 4: Long-Term Supply – Once families have achieved the first three objectives, they are counseled to expand their efforts, as circumstances allow, into a supply of long-term basic foods such as grains, legumes, and other staples.

Best wishes on your goals towards personal preparedness!


  1. I think for most families three months is do able. I agree on all the steps. The financial one is very important. It is what will allow you weather out the storm and be able to pick up a few extra necessities along the way. Great post.

  2. A three month supply is a great starting point, but achieving a 1 year food supply to sustain your entire family would be the ultimate goal.

  3. I've started purchasing ready made meals for my food storage in hopes of building it up to at least a one year supply.


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