December 20, 2010

They Gave Up Their Christmas


  1. I am not a member of the LDS church, but I follow your blog so I can help my family be prepared for whatever is down the road. I want to thank you for posting this...not only is the vinyard itself amazing, but the fact that these people came out on Christmas is very inspiring. This generosity and giving are something I really admire about your church. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing. :) I need to check you out more often, me thinks... I only glanced at your preceeding post and I think it would help me lots... as I'm trying to get more and ever more organized. :)

  3. I saw this story in the back of the Ensign and it really touched me. I am so glad to be able to learn more about the vineyard and the Spanish Saints who gave up their Christmas. I cried both times. :)

  4. this is my my dad! well the farm manager is i mean =o] thanks for posting this!


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