Saturday, December 18, 2010

Annual Review of a Year of Grocery Receipts

I've been in bed going through this year's grocery receipts. I had knee surgery yesterday so it was the perfect time. Wow! What an eye opener! I've been working on a Price Log and gathering prices of items I regularly purchased last year and figuring out the seasonal price changes that happened throughout the year. I've seen how great I did on some grocery trips, and also where I could really improve. I hope to post my ideas in my Food Storage Organizer coming out soon. Anyway, I've learned alot about Seasonal Grocery Sales Cycles from this link. It's great! There are a few others lists online that have some great ideas as well. I'm revising my own seasonal sales calendar to help guide you to purchasing items each month when the prices are low so you can stock up on your food storage. Did you know that January is National Wheat Bread month, Bread Machine month, and Slow Cooking month? I didn't. Can you guess what items may be on sale?

If you have time after Christmas, I would suggest you go through your own receipts and learn from them. See the patterns and watch the prices go up and down on the foods you purchase. Look at how much you paid for strawberries, breakfast cereal, condiments, meat, etc. Look at your Costco/Sam's Club and Walmart receipts as well as your local grocery store. Make some changes in your purchase habits. It's easy to run to the store three times a week when you don't make a week's worth of menus. You'll see right away when you did that. Set a goal to shop for foods during the best months to save the most money. And set monthly goals for gathering food storage next year. I will suggest ideas at the beginning of each month. Best wishes!


  1. At the end of every month I go over the receipts and catagorize them. Then, I see where we overspent, where we can improve and if something happened to cause overspending. For us this year it was husband's 5 week hospital stay and 6 week at home recovery - added alot to the food bill (Dr said to feed him whatever he wanted and that meant a daily trip to the store) and car gas (those daily trips plus the 200 mile round trip to the hospital 3 times a week). Also, for us here in Florida - last year's cold spell in Jan-Feb and Oct's heat wave added to the electric costs. See how those notes help out?

    About every 3 months I review the gas receipts and the food receipts. It's often not a pretty sight. But it does provide the trends, always seems to be upwards, in prices. We mainly buy the same thing every shopping trip so it's rather easy to check prices.

    This year I'm adding a 'non receipt' category for the resale shop & yard sale purchases - they tend to get away from us and can often add big time spending.

    I'm also going to keep better records on amounts of food we produce and how it affects our food budget.

  2. Good luck healing up from surgery. I hope you feel strong again soon.

    Receipts are your friend as is a price book. Love my price book. People have asked me what to buy for Food Storage. They are looking for an easy list someplace to follow. They have it. Receipts. Receipts give a lot of information that will give helpful clues into what we eat and how often.



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