Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food Storage Ideas from Utah State University Extension

Check out some of these fantastic food storage articles from Utah State University Extension. Learn where to buy products, how to package, storage conditions, nutrition and shelf life. I will add them for reference on the sidebar of my blog:

Wheat - Article tip: "Store containers off the floor-- especially off concrete floors. Concrete can wick moisture to stored containers very easily. "
Canned Goods stored in liquid - Article tip: "Store all canned food in cool, dark, dry space away from furnaces, pipes, and places where temperatures change like un-insulated attics. Do not allow sealed cans or glass jars to freeze. Freezing changes food textures, and leads to rust, bursting cans, and broken seals that may let in harmful bacteria. Always store metal cans off of the floor, especially bare concrete. Moisture can wick up to cans and encourage rusting."
Dry Beans - Article tip: "All dried beans, except lentils and split peas, require soaking in water for rehydration. Typically, 3 cups of water is needed for every 1 cup of dried beans. Allow beans to soak overnight and then rinse them in clean water."
Dried Milk - Article tip: "A U.S.U. study concluded that after 4-yr storage, NFDM samples stored in plastic bags (not Mylar-type) were statistically less acceptable than samples stored in cans."
Sugar - Article tip: "The typical retail paper package for crystal sugars is not suitable for long term storage. Polyethylene bags, Mylar-type bags, food-grade plastic buckets, glass canning jars, and #10 cans are all suitable for dry sugar storage."
White Rice - Article tip: "Depending on personal preference, about 25 to 60 lbs of rice should be stored per person."
Salt, Baking powder, Baking soda, and Yeast - Article tip: "Store salt, baking soda, and yeast packets in their original containers placed inside another stronger packaging. "


  1. HI

    my wife and I moved here from Northern California a couple of years ago. Back there I went to the local feed store and bought whole wheat in 50 pound bags for pretty cheap. We also bought whole corn and oat groats too. I cannot find a source for bulk cheap grain here in the Salt Lake City area. Any suggestions?

  2. Dear Shellback:

    LDS Home Storage centers sell hard red wheat in 25 lb. bags for $6.35, and regular oats in 25 lb. bags for $7.60, but not corn. Email me at the address above and I can find the one closest to where you live. Walton Feed company, based in Montpelier Idaho, has grain in large bags as well, Alpine Food Storage in Alpine, Utah carries Walton Feed products but I don't know if it costs more, Honeyville Grain carries such products. Located in Brigham City but there is a retail store in Salt Lake City, I would compare prices with all. Hope that helps!

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