Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Son's Mission Call is to Stockholm Sweden

We found out this afternoon that Stockholm Sweden is the place where my third son will serve his LDS mission for two years. He will need to learn Swedish. We were very excited tonight, but know it will be a challenging experience. My father told me that his grandmother is from that area. So we will be digging out the family history. Wow. My eldest son served in Mongolia and my second son served in Bolivia & Peru. And I know very little Spanish. :) I am grateful for all of my sons and the example they set for each other, and for me. I feel very blessed.


  1. What an exciting time for all of you! Best wishes for his mission :-)

  2. Congratulations! My father served in Sweden and I love hearing his stories of his mission as well as celebrating Swedish holidays, now. Best wishes to your son.

  3. Congrats! My brother served there about seven years ago - he said that learning the language was a challenge because everyone wants to speak English with you. He came back with a block-throwing game that we all love to play. Good Luck!

  4. Congratulations on your son's mission call to Stockholm Sweden! My grandma's family came from Sweden, and she was always VERY proud to be Swedish! She was even named Elva, which means eleven in Swedish. (Yes, she is the 11th child of her family.) My great-grandpa married, had 5 kids, 2 died and then his wife died. He eventually re-married, had one child, but his 2nd wife died. That one child eventually served 7 missions! He then married my great-grandma, they eventually had 5 kids, but that's when they met the missionaries and joined the church! They had a really nice store and comfortable living along a river. My parents have a picture of the river in the living room as I grew up. My relatives lived right around the bend. They encouraged members to come to Utah then. So they sent the 3 oldest young adult kids from the first wife. One died from a work accident before the rest of the family made it. When Great Grandma was expecting (my grandma) they hurriedly sent her to the US so they wouldn't have another ticket. So my grandma was born in the US. They spoke Swedish at home and English at school. Like my mother and grandmother, I'm grateful to be part Swedish. I'm grateful that following God meant so much more to them than earthly stuff ... especially since they are all done with mortality now, but the influence of their choices to love God first live on. I'm proud of my Swedish heritage! Their last name is Hulterstrom. Congratulations and may God's influence be with you always!
    P.S. I'm new to your site, but thrilled for you! My family has also served 8 missions to Ecuador, Columbia, Uruguay/Paraguay, Chile and Arcadia, California - Spanish speaking. 2 of those missions were my parents being mission presidents, one of an MTC! Funny how the Swedes now speak Spanish! The next 2 decades will probably result in quite a few more missions too (16+)! :)

  5. I served with your son for two months in a small town called Skövde. He is an excellent missionary!

    1. Happy to hear from you Aldste Chipman! Hope all is well with you in Virginia.


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