Friday, September 3, 2010

Food and Emergency Items to Shop for in September

Stock up on some of these items in September. You may find some of them on sale at the Case Lot sales or just on sale. Choose items that you think your family would use and you have set aside a food storage budget for. Be persistent, but never feel rushed. I offer suggestions each month.

Shelf Stable Foods

Condensed soups (case lot)
Canned tomatoes (case lot)
Canned beans (case lot)
Canned tuna (case lot)
Canned corn, green beans (case lot)
Canned stew (case lot)
Honey (Sam's or Costco)
Canned pineapple (case lot)
Canned mushrooms (case lot)
Spaghetti sauce (case lot)
Cornbread mix (case lot)
TVP - chicken, beef, etc. (case lot)

Toiletries (USE COUPONS)

Lip balm

Paper & Cleaning

Laundry Detergent

Freezer Foods

Yeast (watch sales)
Chicken breasts

Medical & First Aid

rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
hydrocortisone cream

72-Hour Kit Food Packs

3 day supply food
3 day supply water
candy, gum

Equipment & Fuel

Sleeping bags (clearance sales)
Sleeping pad (clearance sales)

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