Thursday, September 30, 2010

Preparing for General Conference

As I've pondered how I can better prepare myself and my family for the October 2010 General Conference this weekend, a few ideas have come to mind. About a month ago I began praying for the leaders of the Church to be guided by the Spirit to know what to teach us. Thinking of them has helped me look forward to General Conference.

Yesterday as I was visiting another sister in the ward, my visiting teaching companion said she had heard that if we write down the concerns or challenges we are dealing with in life before General Conference, that we would receive answers if we earnestly seek them. So, today I purchased a small notebook for myself and my teenage daughters so we could write these thoughts down, and also take notes. Today I watched the General Relief Society Meeting which I missed last week. Because I taped it on the DVR I was able to stop each talk in the middle whenever I wanted, and write down quotes, then turn the tape back on and continue. As I was listening, inspirational thoughts came to me about things I have been concerned with. It did not matter that the talk had anything to do with those concerns. But I felt the Spirit of the speakers and I was able to write down on another sheet of paper answers to some of my concerns and more. Quite remarkable!

I also wrote down "Story" and then a brief summary of a story or example given. And then quotes or counsel I found I needed in my life.

Usually the Monday after General Conference, during Family Home Evening we each share meaningful remarks or stories we remember from the meetings. This helps reinforce what has been said. Many times someone will remark, "I remember that story," or "I remember that quote."

For my 5 year-old, I am printing activities for her to do during the meetings. There are several online, and here are a few links. Also check out for more ideas.

Conference Squares from
Conference Coloring Page from
Conference Notebook from
2010 General Conference Notebook by Linda Allred (for older Primary kids)

I'm sure there are more ideas out there, but these are just a few. I hope you each enjoy the meetings!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suggested Case Lot Food Storage Items to Purchase October 2010

Each month I post a list of suggested food storage items for you to choose from as your monthly food storage focus. This list is based on seasonal grocery sales, coupon trends and patterns I've seen over the past few years. Combine some of these with coupons to save the most money! The list changes each month so you can stock up on a variety of things throughout the year so you're not lop-sided in any one area.

During October, my focus is the Utah Case Lot Sales. However, if you don't have case lot sales in your area, look through the list and you will probably find things you will want to purchase. I only listed what I consider the very best deals. If the LDS Home Storage Center or Sam's, Costco, Winco or Walmart beats the price (meaning you can get that price anytime), I didn't list those sale items. So this is a short list.

If you didn't save up money for this sale, don't worry. Just decide on a budget and choose items your family will most likely eat/use in the next 3 - 6 months. If you don't store in buckets, then choose smaller packaged items. If you are just beginning, don't buy dried bananas or eggs. There is a great variety of food on sale. I listed Macey's prices because they let you purchase most items individually except a few, and some of you are on limited budgets. So stay in your budget!

Even though ketchup and barbecue sauce are on sale, I would avoid purchasing condiments like those (unless you really need them) until next summer. I wait until November for flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, evaporated milk, etc. Also, hang on to your coupons for soup, medicine, toiletries, and baking goods! Sales are coming.

After taking advantage of the Smith's Grocery store sale earlier this month, I made one stop at the Macey's Preparedess sale. So, I listed my planned purchases for this case lot sale at the end of this post. Plan, Plan to Save, and Save to purchase more. Good luck!

Macey's Case Lot Items (other Associated Food stores similar)
Garden Club Corn Syrup 32 oz. (I think it's $1.69 ea. though ad shows .48) (Macey's)
$.99 ea. WF Apple Juice 64 oz. (If you need this size)
$2.28 24 ct. Bottled water 16.9 oz. (only if you need it. Same as Costo)
$.98 Frozen orange juice
$8.88 Morning Moos #10 regular or chocolate (Macey's)
$11.98 Augason Whole or Scram. Dry Eggs #10 (Macey's)
$4.98 Grandma's Banana slices, dried #10 (Macey's)
.33 ea. WF Mandarin Oranges 24 ct.
.78 ea. WF peaches, pears, fruit cocktail 24 ct.
.99 ea. First Harvest Peach Halves, Slices, Pear halves 29 oz. (heavy sugar) 24 ct. (Macey's)
$12.98 Augason Farms Hard Red or White Wheat, 45 lb. pail (don't stack more than 3 high. I store in cans because I don't go through my wheat quickly. But this is a great price!)
$15.98 Blue Chip Rolled Oats 50 lb. bag (for people who want to store in their own buckets)
$1.98 ea. WF Pasta - elbow mac, spag, spag. thin (that's .66 cents per lb., LDS is about .60 per lb.)
$.79 ea. DaVinci Pastas 1 lb. pkg. (lots of variety)
.33 ea. WF Mac & Cheese 4pkx6
.48 ea. WF Specialty Canned Beans (choose beans your family eats like kidney or black beans)
.48 ea. Campbell's Spaghetti-O's (stock up, .40 cents less than Walmart)
.39 ea. WF Chunk Light Tuna
.99 ea. WF Powdered or Brown Sugar 2 lb. (Never pay more than this! November sales similar)
$11.88 WF Sugar 25 lb. bag (November sales coming)
$9.99 ea. WF Honey (that's $2.00 per lb.)
.44 ea. WF Tomato or WF Chicken Noodle soup
.58 ea. Camp. Tomato soup (.24 less than Costco)
.88 Campbell's Specialty Soups (bring coupon) (Macey's)
.48 ea. WF cream of chick or mush soup (.30 cents less than Walmart)
.48 ea. WF Tomatoes, diced, stewed, etc.
.50 ea. WF Mushroom stems & pieces (a little less at Walmart, but a case is a case)
.48 ea. WF Diced or whole Green Chiles can
. 79 WF Frozen Veggies corn, peas, beans, mixed (this sale comes around more than once)
$39.99 ea. 55 gal. Water drum (same price in the Spring)
$24.79 ea. 15 gal. Water container (same price in the Spring)
$3.98 ea. 5 gal. bucket w/lid (same price in the Spring)
$5.49 ea. 5 gal. Gamma seal lid, assort. colors (great price!) (Macey's)

My Shopping List for Smith's
24 @$1.00 ea. Kroger 18 oz. Peanut Butter

My Shopping List
4 @$1.98 ea. WF Pasta spag. (store in tote)
6 @$.79 ea. DaVinci Pastas 1 lb. pkg. (Penne or Rigatoni)
24 @.48 ea. WF Diced Green Chiles can
24 @ .50 ea. WF Mushroom stems & pieces
24 @.48 ea. WF cream of chick soup
24 @.48 ea. WF cream of mush soup
4 @ 1.25 ea. WF Powdered 2 lb. (store sealed bags in a bucket) less at Macey's
8 @ 1.25 ea. WF Brown Sugar 2 lb. (store sealed bags in a bucket) less at Macey's
24 @.48 ea. Campbell's Spaghetti-O's (bring coupon)
About $85.74 before tax

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These Are the Best of Times!

On a personal note, these are the best of times! My eldest son is engaged to be married in December, and my youngest son (third missionary) is finishing up his mission papers. It has been a wonderful journey. Even with lifes ups and downs, these are the best of times. So thankful to be a mom of seven beautiful children. Thankful for a husband who holds the priesthood. My cup runneth over.

The sun is just coming up over "my mountain." Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Case Lot Fall Price Comparison Spreadsheet Includes Macey's Upcoming Sale!

Macey's upcoming case lot sale on September 29 is now included in my Fall Case Lot Sale Price Comparison spreadsheet. Just look on the side of my blog to click the link. I decided to remove Fresh Market because I was running out of space; however you can still compare their prices in the newspaper ad when it comes out to the spreadsheet, or any other store near you for that matter. Also, I still need to update Dick's prices. Sorry I can't include every store. Hope the spreadsheet helps you plan in advance before the sale.

Remember: every item on sale in a case lot sale does not always mean it is the best price you can get for that item. So, do your homework to save the most money!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Macey's Price List for Sept. 29 Case Lot sale

Attached is the Macey's case lot sale price list from the Ogden store. You can buy items in cases or individually at the case lot price! This form can be used if you want to place an order at their service desk. Contact the store for details. Or just use it to help you prepare for the upcoming sale starting Sept. 29th.

Macey's Fall Case Lot Sale price list

I will add these prices to my Fall 2010 Case Lot Price Comparison spreadsheet on the left of my blog as soon as humanly possible.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Herriman Fire Evacuation Grab & Go List

The current fire in Herriman has caused well over 1200 households to evacuate. I talked briefly to friends preparing to evacuate tonight. The most difficult thing was to gather scrapbooks and photo albums. I am sure they are safe.

Thank goodness there are plenty of Utah Valley friends and relatives that evacuees can stay with. Love that about Utah! However, evacuation travel on roads can become congested and it may take longer than people expect to leave, so preparing for a longer drive with some extra food and water can be helpful.

Attached is a Grab & Go list of things I made for our family to take in order of importance if we ever had to evacuate. It is helpful to write this before you ever need to evacuate when your mind is clear. It is divided by importance depending on the amount of time you have to evacuate. This is a personal decision for everyone, but I hope this list helps some of you or your family and friends plan and prepare.

My former post on the same topic can be found here.

Go here for 72-hour Kit Container ideas
Go here for 72-hour Kit Food Pack ideas
Go here for Additional Family Emergency Supplies ideas
Go here for 72-hour Kit Personal Supplies ideas

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Various Approaches to Doing Food Storage

My friend asked me today if I had looked into buying long-term food storage all at once from a food storage company where you can buy a 3 month or 12 month supply that lasts for 20 years. Most of my blog followers know that I don't store that way. But that does not mean my way is the only way. It made me think how different each of us approaches food storage. So, my analytical mind said let's look at some various ways to do food storage to help you think which is right for you:

#1. The Quick Food Storage Approach - This group likes to order a food storage supply all at once from a company that has figured out what their family needs to store. Though not my personal choice, my husband reminds me that this works for some families who like having someone else do the research and figure out the amounts. They want to follow the counsel to store food, but prefer not to be too analytical about it and know they are probably not going to rotate it regularly. Knowing they put something aside for emergencies that will last for many years if they ever need it, works for them. Testing products first would be helpful. This is the most expensive yet quickest approach.

#2. The Emergency and Everyday Use Food Storage Approach - This group stores a supply of easy to prepare foods for short-term emergencies like power outages or floods, a three-month supply of shelf-stable foods their family uses everyday like small canned and boxed foods, and includes a year supply (if possible) of long-term storage foods such as wheat, rice, sugar, honey, dry milk, etc. They like having a variety of foods for various types of emergencies, yet they have foods on hand that their family also uses everyday so items get rotated. They store staples for cooking from scratch, but also have some convenience foods. This is my approach to food storage. I only store what my family is accustomed to cooking with or eating, yet I also use long-term staples and whole grains because they are inexpensive and store well. I like helping my kids see that we "use what we store, and store what we use." It is more time consuming to purchase and store this way. but less expensive than approach #1, and more expensive than approach #3.

#3. The Traditional Basics Approach - This group stores enough wheat, rice, oats, honey, sugar, dry milk, etc. to survive if they had nothing else to eat. They know this approach is the most affordable for their family. They hopefully know how to use the items they store, but also know their family won't starve. This is the least expensive food storage approach though the hardest on the body's digestive system if you don't regularly use your wheat.

Definitely an oversimplified analysis of food storage approaches and I know most people have a combination of them all. But I hope you can see that doing food storage your way is what is most important. Better to have stored something, than never to have stored at all.

Please share your approach!

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Not Your Mother's Food Storage" Book Review

Some of you new to food storage might enjoy this more simplified approach discussed in the book "Not Your Mother's Food Storage" by Kathy Bray and Jan Barker. They basically teach you step-by-step how to create meals that will feed your family for three months, and then make shopping lists to purchase. You can store foods frozen, freeze-dried, or canned. And to make it all easy, you can download worksheets from their website. Suggestions for adapting recipes to food storage items are given, as well as many recipes to try. I definitely agree that the best food storage plan is the one that you create for your own family. It's always nice for me to read someone else's ideas as I always learn. A great gift idea for Christmas!

3.5 stars out of 5 stars from me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macey's Preparedness Sale this week

Macey's is having a Preparedness sale this week, and later this month starting on the 29th they will have a case lot sale. I updated my MEGA Case Lot Sale Price Comparison Fall 2010 to include some of the preparedness sale items and will update again with the case lot prices at the end of the month. You will want to see it! The Augason powdered eggs are a great price as well as the wheat in buckets. Check the side of my blog for the PDF spreadsheet to compare prices for yourself.

I shopped early this morning at Smith's and was in and out in 15 minutes with my cases. Just have to have my hubby unload them from the car.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update on the Utah Case Lot Sales Price Comparison

You'll find the most recent case lot sales price comparison in a box at the side of my blog. It now includes Smith's Grocery store case lot sale that begins tomorrow September 8 in the Davis County, Utah area. Hope you find it useful!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Food and Emergency Items to Shop for in September

Stock up on some of these items in September. You may find some of them on sale at the Case Lot sales or just on sale. Choose items that you think your family would use and you have set aside a food storage budget for. Be persistent, but never feel rushed. I offer suggestions each month.

Shelf Stable Foods

Condensed soups (case lot)
Canned tomatoes (case lot)
Canned beans (case lot)
Canned tuna (case lot)
Canned corn, green beans (case lot)
Canned stew (case lot)
Honey (Sam's or Costco)
Canned pineapple (case lot)
Canned mushrooms (case lot)
Spaghetti sauce (case lot)
Cornbread mix (case lot)
TVP - chicken, beef, etc. (case lot)

Toiletries (USE COUPONS)

Lip balm

Paper & Cleaning

Laundry Detergent

Freezer Foods

Yeast (watch sales)
Chicken breasts

Medical & First Aid

rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
hydrocortisone cream

72-Hour Kit Food Packs

3 day supply food
3 day supply water
candy, gum

Equipment & Fuel

Sleeping bags (clearance sales)
Sleeping pad (clearance sales)

National Preparedness Month: Start On Your Goals this Month!

September is National Preparedness Month. Instead of waiting until January, set some goals and start working on your food storage and emergency preparedness this month. Check out Ready.Gov for more ideas. Or my Food Storage and Disaster Preparedness Calendar for a list of ideas to work on monthly. I also have several former posts on in the "Previous Posts I've Written" section on my blog with ideas for you.

1. Decide on a monthly budget. It does not matter how small it is. If you are financially burdened, check out books from the library and start to study. Knowing what to do in an emergency is the best preparation.
2. Choose an area to focus on. If you are just beginning with food storage buy 2 small cans or boxes of an item instead of one. Put one aside. It's easy to do if your item is on sale. If you are working on emergency kits, buy one item a month and put it aside. A little bit at a time will still help you reach your goals! Some items in kits are not food items, so they last many years.
3. Decide on a preparedness item you want to get (or ask for) this Christmas.
4. Pray for support and guidance. You will be helped! Best wishes.