Monday, August 30, 2010

Case Lot Sale Price Comparison Fall 2010

Here is the preliminary Case Lot Sale Price Comparison spreadsheet which includes Harmon's sale that started today. Since some stores have not had their sales yet, you will see some spring or last fall prices. However, I think seeing them all will help you decide which of the Harmon's items you may want to purchase. As soon as Smith's starts their sale on the 8th, I will include it. I also have the current Costco, Sam's Club, Winco, Walmart, LDS Home Storage Center as well as some Food Storage companies. Just added Emergency Essentials.

Since this is my preliminary spreadsheet, please make suggestions as to how I can make it easier for you to read. "F" for fall sales, and a "S" for spring sales. Make sure you are looking at the correct year and month/season.

This spreadsheet take hours and hours of my time to put together. If you feel it is of some worth to you, please make a small donation to my 3rd son's mission fund on my blog. Thanks!

Here it is:
The MEGA Case Lot Sale Price Comparison Fall 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Upcoming CaseLot Sale Dates for 2010

Announcing some of the upcoming CaseLot Sale dates in Utah.

Harmon's - 8/30 - 9/19
Smith's - 9/8 - 9/21
Dick's - 9/29 - 10/12
Bowman's - 9/29 - 10/12
Macey's - 9/29 - 10/13
Fresh Market -Fresh Market - just a guess, probably when Macey's does

I will post exact dates as soon as I have them.

Grocery Shopping Savings at Smith's: August 21

School is just around the corner, so I needed to go grocery shopping today. Though I haven't shopped with coupons for awhile (I spent most of July in bed recuperating from a knee injury), I decided to get back into the swing of things. Here are my tips.

1. Spend time making a shopping plan before you go in the store.
2. Research store sales, and try to match sales with coupons. I used DealstoMeals (because she focuses on food storage),, and I also downloaded some coupons onto my SmithsReward's cards from their website
3. Prepare a weekly menu plan (I didn't this time), but you save the most money with one. Plan menus's using most items you have at home.
4. Create a grocery list. My printer is on the blink so I had to do it by hand! However, I carefully decided how many of each item to buy, which items had paper coupons or Smith's coupons.
5. With Buy-8-items-events-to-save-$4, carefully keep track of those items you put in the grocery cart. It never helps to buy more than you need to or be short. I blew it and should have added two more items. I'll do better next time.
6. Know what items you are low on in your food storage. Keep an inventory. I recently checked mine so I know what I need to buy and keep it on a spreadsheet.

Some items I'll put in food/home storage
Smith's 18 oz. peanut butter @$1 ea. (same price at CaseLot sale)
Powerade 32 oz. @ .48 ea.
Progresso Soup @ .75 with coupons
Bic Soleil Razors triple blade w/coupon $.59 ea.
Capri Suns $1.48 ea.
Ground Beef $1.99/lb.
Frozen chicken breasts w coupon $1.67/lb.
Total spent on food storage: $38.37

Here are the results for 82 items purchased.
$238.05 Original Total
$19.55 MFG Coupons
$93.62 Fresh Values & Mega Event Savings
$124.88 Total
Savings: 52% (Even being rusty!)

Start planning. Wed. Aug 25th - Tues. 31st Smith's Grocery store will round up all manufacturers' coupons up to $1!
See for a great list of how to use your coupons!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comparing WinCo Spices to Sam's Club Spices for Food Storage

One of my readers suggested I check out the spices in bulk found at WinCo Foods. So I headed to the new store in Roy, Utah today with my clipboard in hand. While there I gathered prices of typical food storage items (canned goods, grains, etc. ), as well as the spices to compare prices with other stores in my area. I also was asked by a manager which store I was from. :-) Have to smile at that. "No store, just comparing prices." "How are we doing?" "Pretty good." I will post my price comparison in September with my CaseLot Sale comparison, but overall I found the prices similar to Walmart. Winco does accept coupons, however, they are not excited about computer printed coupons. Rumor: a store may be coming to Layton on the east side of the freeway near all the construction there. We shall see.

Anyway, back to the spices. The spices are sold by the ounce or pound. I compared the prices per ounce with the Tone's spices I usually buy at Sam's Club in large plastic containers (about 16 ounces).

My thoughts are this: If you like to buy spices in large containers for food storage like those you buy at Sam's Club or Costco, you could refill when you get low and save some money on some spices. But not all. You have to have shelf space for larger containers at home though. Also using large containers is best for those who cook regularly from scratch. Personally I don't have large containers of everything, but I do have cinnamon, chili powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and cumin which I use a lot of. Eventually I would like to have a larger container of oregano and one of parsley.

If you buy your spices in small containers, like those at the grocery store because you have a small family or don't cook from scratch often, you could REALLY save with WinCo spices. Just refill your containers. Read this article from Utah Deal Diva where she compares WinCo spices to Walmart spice prices.

Or you could buy their containers and start your own spice system. Winco sells plastic spice jars for you to put your own spices in at these prices: 16 oz. is $1.32, 8 oz. is $1.16, 4 oz. is .84 ea. Think carefully about the spices you use often to help you figure out the size to get.

I rounded the prices below to make it easier to compare. There are mores spices in the store, but I listed some that I could compare with Sam's Club. I still like the price of the LDS onions which I show below. I do not know the quality of the WinCo spices, so if someone has more experience, please share. It is definitely a personal choice. However, I like knowing that when finances are tight I don't have to spend money on expensive spices because I already have them in my pantry storage.

Tone's Spice Containers vs. WinCo's Spice refills

Basil 5.5 oz. - S $2.54 vs. W $.76 (.138 per oz)
Black Pepper 18 oz. - S $4.96 vs. W $3.98 (.221 per oz.)
Chili powder 20 oz. - S $4.28 vs. W $3.56 (.178 per oz.)
Cinnamon 18 oz. - S $3.87 vs. W $1.85 (.103 per oz.)
Cumin, ground 16 oz. - S $5.77 vs. W $3.38 (.211 per oz.)
Garlic, minced 23 oz. - S $4.66 vs. W $3.70 (.161 per oz.)
Garlic, powder 21 oz. - S $3.87 vs. W $3.49 ( .166 per oz.)
Gravy, brown 24 oz. - S $3.88 vs. W $3.46 ( .144 per oz.)
Onion powder 20 oz. - S $3.88 vs. W $3.46 (.173 per oz.)
Onion, minced 15 oz. - S $4.64 vs. W $3.09 (.206 per oz.) vs. LDS $2.40
Oregano 5 oz. - S $2.98 vs. W $1.00 (.194 per oz.)
Paprika 18 oz. - S $4.36 vs. W $4.30 (.239 per oz.)
Parsley 2.7 oz. - S $3.38 vs. W $.84 (.311 per oz.)
Taco Seasoning 23 oz. - S $3.88 vs. W $3.43 (.149 per oz.)

(There definitely could be errors in my math :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Food and Emergency Items to Shop for In August

Here are some ideas of items to stock up on during the month of August. You may find some of these on sale at this time of the year. Choose items that you think your family would use and you have a set aside a food storage budget for. Gather what you can afford, but never feel rushed.

Shelf Stable foods - Apple slices, dehy., Dry onions, Macaroni, Popcorn or dried corn, Dry potato slices or dices, Cracked wheat cereal, Hamburger helper, Food bars, Drink boxes, Hot pepper sauce, Cheese sauce, Powdered cheese blend

Toiletries (USE COUPONS)- Soap/body wash, Deodorant

Paper & Cleaning - Lawn trash bags, Lunch bags

Freezer Foods - Bread, Buns, Berry freezer jam (make your own), Hamburgers/hot dogs

Medical & First Aid - eye patch, ear drops, eye drops

Family Emergency Supplies part 3 -5-gal water carrier, filtered water bottle, water purification tablets, am/fm radio, spare radio batteries, pliers, vise grips, hammer, tarps, multi-function army knife

Equipment & Fuel - Sleeping bags, pads, family tent (On sale now!), Canning jars and equipment