Friday, July 30, 2010

Time To Take a Food Storage Inventory

It's time to take a home food storage inventory. This time of year is a great time to prepare for the September Caselot Sales that happen at stores in Utah. I decided to put my inventory on Excel worksheets so I can keep information like what store to buy items at and what season to buy them. However, I am printing them on small pages to put in my Food Storage Organizer to carry with me when I shop.

I'm moving a bit slower this month because I had a Baker's Cyst rupture behind my knee around the 4th of July. I've gone from crutches, to one crutch, to no crutches, but still feel like my leg is walking through mud. The recovery is so slooooow. Age I guess. Family members have to do the grocery shopping for me. Yikes! The free Click-n-Pull service Sam's Club offers has saved the day. I order online, they pull the items off the shelves, and hubby can pick them up. Love that!

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  1. Have you tried out It's from Emergency Essentials and it tells you a couple of things like how many days of calories you have, how much sodium is in your food storage, etc. We plugged our stuff in and found that we were low on Vitamin A, and it even told us which foods were high in that. You don't have to be a food storage junky like me to use it either.


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