Friday, July 23, 2010

7-Day Disaster Menus

Creating your own emergency menus for disasters will help you prepare for power outages, earthquakes, floods, etc. Keeping easy to prepare foods on hand is the key. Remember to also have ready made foods for infants. Include some of the items below in your emergency food storage.

7-Day Disaster Menus.pdf

These simple menus do not require electricity. Most foods can be eaten cold, or heated on an outdoor camp stove or butane burner. Many of these items can easily be replenished as they are foods you regularly purchase. Start with a 7-day supply and then increase to 30-days if possible.

1. Pancakes from mix, Pancake syrup, Canned peaches, Tang
2. Oatmeal w/pwd milk, Brown sugar, Raisins, Hot cocoa
3. Breakfast cereal, 2T powdered milk, Bread w/PB, Tang
4. 2 Breakfast bars, Canned pears, Boxed drink
5. Bagel, Jelly, Raisins, Apple juice
6. Oatmeal w/pwd milk, Brown sugar, Raisins, Hot cocoa
7. Breakfast cereal, 2T powdered milk, Bread w/PB, Tang

1. Cup o’noodle, Fruit snack, Beef jerky, V8 juice
2. Vegetable soup, Saltine crackers, Nuts, Pwd. Milk
3. Stew, canned, Ritz crackers, Pudding cup, Hot cocoa
4. Tomato soup, Saltine crackers, Fruit cocktail, Tang
5. Clam Chowder, can, Ritz crackers, M & M's, Boxed drink
6. Chicken Noodle, Saltine crackers, Almonds, Pwd. Milk
7. Ravioli's/Spaghettios, Banana chips, Fruit cup, Apple juice

1. Canned chili w/beans, Saltine crackers, Sunflower seeds, V8 juice
2. PB & J sandwich, Mandarin oranges, Cookies, Apple juice
3. Spaghetti w/jar sauce, Corn, canned, Dried apricots, Boxed drink
4. Chicken salad sand., Graham crackers, Applesauce cup, Hot cocoa
5. Macaroni & cheese, Carrots, canned, Fruit cocktail, Pwd. Milk
6. Tuna sandwich, Baked beans , Pretzels, Tang
7. PB & J sandwich, Mandarin oranges, Trail mix, Apple juice


  1. Just stopped to see what you are up to. :o)

  2. Thank you for the menu ideas. they are very helpful.

  3. How does one keep breads like bagels and bread for PBJ sandwich?

    I appreciate the menu. I'll start from here.

    1. Freeze bagels and bread. Then use as needed. If you are without power, they will keep for a week.

  4. Hi :)

    What do I need to do to download the spreadsheet?


    1. Just changed it to a pdf copy. Hope you can open it.

    2. It is blurry... can not make out what the items are...

  5. thank you - gives me a good starting point. will need to modify everything for a dairy allergy.

  6. Thanks for including emergency menus for more than 72 hours. We were evacuated last summer due to wildfires and were away from home for 10 days. We never expected something like that to happen to us. While we're grateful that our home was spared, we now know these things DO happen, and regardless of the outcome, we will be blessed for obedience. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  7. Thanks this is great. I appreciate the help. I'm trying to get my family prepared.

    1. It's clear for me. It's a pdf on Google Drive. Maybe you have to have that. Is your Acrobat Reader up to date?


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