Monday, June 28, 2010

Easy Weekly Magnetic Family Chore Chart with Magnetic Pictures

Sorry I have not written this month. I've been busy with one son's graduation then getting him off to summer term at BYU. Then another son came home from his mission from Cochabama, Bolivia. Also worked on preparations for youth conference and girl's camp, and now making a DVD of Mom's personal history for our family reunion this weekend!

Managing a household is a lot of work. Despite how busy I am, I discovered Vitamin D and I feel great! A few months ago my energy was really low and I wasn't sleeping well because of leg aches, so I saw my doctor and had lots of blood tests for thyroid, iron, etc. She determined I was extremely low on vitamin D (now taking 2000 to 4000 i.u. D3 daily until I get retested) and calcium (taking 1000 mg). Also take B6 & B12. Learned about women's health issues from If you feel low energy during the winter months or anytime, get a blood test for vitamin D! You need to know where you are on the range. I was 25 and want to get it above 50. Since I live in northern Utah, I will supplement this fall and winter. Now I get outside more during the morning and evening and avoid the middle of the day. Love the sun and have learned how important it is for our health.

Anyway, because of the added nutrients I feel renewed and have my energy back to feel motivated enough to exercise. Sometimes we want to exercise, but it takes energy to feel motivated. Now I walk a few miles outside most mornings.

I delegated lots the household chores with the kids. And continue to try to delegate with the women I work with in my church calling as Young Women's president. Delegation without feeling guilty has reduced my stress tremendously. For more stress management ideas go to the article at I also hired a house cleaner to come in twice a month. Hope at some point not to need her, but we have a big home.

After much pondering, I created a Weekly Magnetic Family Chore Chart with magnetic pictures on a large dry erase board. Love it! Easy to make and manage.
  1. Find pictures or chore icons and put on a spreadsheet.
  2. Then I printed the chores on cardstock.
  3. Next I put sticky-back magnetic strips on the chores, and cut them into squares.
  4. I can move the chores around each Sunday based on our weekly schedules and needs.
  5. Remember that the family is a team, and each member needs to share the work so all team members are happy.
That's all I have time for. Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Suggested Food Storage Items to Buy in June 2010

June is the beginning of the summer and most stores will have plenty of items on sale. Budgets are tight, so take advantage of some great deals. Loss leaders are sale items that stores promote in their ads to draw you into their stores to buy more items you may not find on sale. My list below is a heads up so you will watch for items that go on sale. I've highlighted some in green that are typically discounted in June to help you save the most money:

Shelf Stable Foods
Bottled water (look for $2.99 or less for 24 ct. case), powdered milk (LDS), dry beans (LDS), dry split peas & lentils, freeze dried vegetables, butter powder, dried fruits & raisins, salad dressing, croutons, lemonade mix, pancake mix, tapioca

roasts, strawberries, sausage

contact solution, mouthwash

Paper & Cleaning
laundry stain remover, dish soap

Medical Supplies
vaseline, measuring spoon, assorted band aids

Family Emergency Kit Supplies Part 2
(items you share as a family in a grab and go container)
crescent wrench, duct tape, large flashlight, spare flashlight batteries, hand can opener, mess kits, disposable hand wipes, sunblock, insect repellant

Equipment & Fuel
lumber for food storage shelves, firewood, or cooler

Other items that go on sale in June: Summer clothing (back to school clothes will start filling shelves. So take advantage of summer clearances. My favorite time to shop!), dresses, summer sports gear, men's clothing (Father's day is a great time to shop for Christmas gifts too!), refrigerators, TV's, computers, electronics, fabrics, building materials, pianos, canning supplies