Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Sales are Great for Food Storage

Memorial Day grocery sales are a great place to shop for items to put aside in food storage. Just look for the loss leaders most grocery stores are promoting, and avoid buying other things you really don't need. Even if you don't live in Utah, think food storage this week. Here is what I bought this morning for groceries and food storage. Some are perishable, but can freeze. Got help figuring out the deals from Notice how my list is divided by the areas in the store? This helps get you in and out quickly without overspending.

Kroger Cream Cheese 2 x .88 ea. = $1.76
Hebrew National hot dogs 2 x $2.50 ea. = $5 (freeze, Sam's Club is about same price)
Extra Lean Ground beef 10 x $1.99 per lb. = $19.90 (divide and freeze)
Kroger Butter 3 x 1.67 ea. = $5 (freeze)
Smith's eggs 1 x .88 ea. = .88
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce 18 oz. 4 x .99 ea. = $3.96 (yum!)
Nestle Water 24 ct. case .5ltr (Buy 4 Get $5 Off Next Trip, and had $1.50 coup) That's 4 x $1.36 per case! = $5.44
Kroger frozen boneless Chicken breasts 6 lb. 2 x $6.96 or $1.74/lb. (Had $1.50 coup) - $13.92
Kroger frozen chicken tenderloins 3 lb. 1 x $6.96 or $2.32/lb. = $6.96
Cool Whip .99 ea. (Buy 5 get a $3 OYNSO .39 ea!) = 5 x .39 = $1.95
Cool Classics Twin Pops 8 x .78 ea. = $6.24 (my dentist will love me)
Paid: $71.01

Dick's MarketPRODUCE
Pineapple .79 lb.
Cantaloupe .69 lb.
Watermelon 4 lbs./$1.00
Corn 4/$1.00
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions
2 Sara Lee hot dog buns 12 ct. $1.66
24 WF Olives 6 oz. .88 ea.
12 Bush's Baked beans $1.50 ea.
4 Lays Chips BOGO Free


  1. You may have mentioned this elsewhere on your blog, so forgive me for asking but I am curious....on average, what is your monthly grocery budget? I realize you buy items on sale but stocking up costs more than just buying for a single month of groceries. Thanks for your reply.

    ~Mrs. M

  2. In general I spend about $1000 on groceries/food storage. I tend to spend more in April, May, and September and less in other months. There are 6 of us at home, and usually my college kids come home for dinner once a month. I use Quicken money management program and have two categories - Groceries and Food Storage. I separate items on the receipts that get put aside in my basement. I might buy 4 of something and put away 3.

  3. Mrs. M: I am excited to follow your kitchen blog!

  4. I at and entire papaya this week all by myself. They were a great price at Buy Low and I found a nice one.
    I am so excited for summer produce!


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