Friday, January 1, 2010

Macey's January Case Lot Sale

Macey's grocery store is having a case lot sale starting Wednesday, Jan. 6 for 2 weeks. Contact your local Macey's for more information. Emergency supplies and containers will be on sale as well. The Ogden store has the largest supply and is the food storage hub.

Compare last year's prices with this spreadsheet
Grocery Store, Case Lot Sale, Food Storage Company Price ComparisonPDF

or Grocery Store, Case Lot Sale, Food Storage Company Price ComparisonExcel


  1. Thank you so much for posting that. I have a daughter in law that is really into building up her food storage and lives in Clinton. I know she'll be happy to get this info.

  2. I just checked out your blog for the first time. I love it. I was very impressed by your sale comparison document. It made me wonder of the things I need the most in my food storage right now is dried milk. I live in Indianapolis. Is there a way for me to take advantage of the LDS sale on #10 cans that you mentioned? We do have a cannery here. Thanks.

  3. Hi Adrianna: The prices listed for the LDS cannery are CURRENT as of June 2009. They are not sale prices. Sorry that was confusing. You should be able to call your cannery to can the milk there for the price I listed from the order form found at,11666,8133-1-4352-1,00.html

  4. Oh, yeah. Thanks. I see that now on the home storage order form. By the way, I also love your "Food Storage and Disaster Preparedness Calendar." I am printing it out for my family. Thanks for being so organized and sharing it with us!

  5. Smith's is having their case-lot sale in Las Vegas right now as well. This is unusual for them, as they normally only have it twice a year (April and October) but they are moing to 4 times a year---presumably to compete with Macey's sales(as Smith's is in Utah). We don't have Macey's here; Smith's is our only store that has case-lot sales. Many people were very surprised to see the sale this time of year!

  6. Thanks for the spreadsheet. I just updated it for the stores we have in our area. Our Smith's is having the case lot sale this week!


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