Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gifts of Love and Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

For many, Christmas this year will be different. It will be frugal. It will be more thoughtful. It will be creative. Today I've been reflecting on how to put the true spirit of giving into our Christmas. How to give the gift of self. So I'm taking a moment to pause and really think about my loved ones and how to give gifts of love this year. So my gift to you is to share my ideas:

How to Give Gifts of Love:1. First, write down the names of those you want to give to. It's impossible to give to everyone in the world, so be realistic.
2. Decide on your overall Christmas budget, and then write down a budget for each person. Now is not the time to go into debt. This year may be leaner for many of us, but you can still have a wonderful time together with some creative planning.
3. Consider your skills and talents. Giving a gift of service to a family member or friend, is one of the most memorable gifts you can give. With your typing skills you could type up a journal for your Dad. With your baking skills you could make a food item. With your art skills you could paint or decorate an apron or a T-shirt. With your carpentry skills you could build the shelves your wife has always wanted (hint, hint). With your computer skills you could design a website for your mom (thanks, Josh!). With your photography skills you could create a family movie.
4. Now, think of each person's hobbies, job, favorites, or other interests. Really think. Have they been having a difficult time recently? What could make a difference? Write down what comes to mind. Do they like to cook, work in the garden, read, or play a musical instrument? Is their favorite color green? Do they love to eat? Do they have a favorite band or sport?
5. Next, pray for guidance to know what the real needs are of the person.
6. After you've written down some your ideas and their interests, if you still need help then go through the links below and jot down your gift ideas. Just write the gift idea and the link number below so you can find it again.

This year try to make Christmas more thoughtful and memorable by giving a gift from the heart. Best wishes!
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  1. This was a great post. We love simple Christmas. Two of our traditions are to only give our children three gifts each- and focus on the symbolism of the three gifts that were given to Christ. It helps keep the focus of Christmas on the birth of our savior not just what we want from Toys R Us.
    Another tradition we have is with my siblings. Buying for all our adult siblings gets expensive, a few years ago we came up with a fun way to still give gifts without spending the money. We give scrooge gifts. A scrooge gift is defined as an item costing $1.00 or less. We find things we own that others might want or be able to use, make things or favorite treats, or get small thoughtful and often hilarious gifts at the store for under $1. There are a lot of gifts to open with a bigger family and buying for everyone costs at most $7.
    That was long, Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks to thegirlwiththeplan for her great ideas.

  3. I love all of these ideas. I have a great tray to do a practice one, and was hoping to make some as gifts if it turns out well, Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!


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