Thursday, July 30, 2009

Results of the "My Grain Mill Is the Best Poll"

The results of the "My Grain Mill is the Best Poll" are in, and the winner is:

Nutrimill Grain Mill

Here are your votes:

6% VitalMill, Retails $179.99
18% K-Tec/BlendTec Kitchen Mill, Retails $179.95
27% Wonder Mill Grain Mill, Retails $259.95
47% Nutrimill Grain Mill, Retails $269.99

Remember - these mills use electricity, so you may want to someday invest in a generator, or purchase a handmill as well for emergencies. However, electric mills have the capacity to grind large amounts of grain for regular family use. You can read about each mill at Kitchen Kneads.

To see a video demonstration of the Nutrimill, click here at Milk and Honey Farms.
And here is a YouTube video that compares the sound of all four mills. My Magic Mill (not in the poll) definitely requires earplugs.

Thank you to all who participated. Here are some of your comments, and you are welcome to add more.


  1. I guessed I missed out on the poll. But I just have to say that I have used or had experience with nearly all those mills. And my favorite is by far the Wonder Mill! I really just think it's the best all around! I hope to talk about them soon and tell why I like it so much better on my blog.


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