Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3-Month Food Storage: 90 Menu Ideas

As you plan your 3-Month food storage menus, ask yourself this question:

“What type of adversity could come into my life 
which my 3-Month food storage supply could help me with?” 

Here are some possibilities:
  • Job Loss: If you or your spouse lost a job, do you have enough food stored to help reduce your expenses while you search for a new job? (Have power)
  • Medical Emergency: If you or a member of your family became seriously ill, do you have food and menus that your family could easily prepare? (Have power)
  • Power Outages: If you were without power for a week or several months, do you have enough easy-to-prepare foods to live on? (No power)
  • Major Natural Disaster: If a major natural disaster occurred and you had to camp-out at home, do you have some foods you could prepare outdoors? And do you have enough fuel or a way to cook food for a few weeks? (No power)

Consider the counsel to “Gradually build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet until it is sufficient for three months.” (Family Home Storage: A New Message, Ensign, March 2009.)

Creating food storage menus is a simple way to help you decide what to store. In some of the above situations you still have power, and some you do not. Below are 90 Food Storage Menu Ideas. Adjust them to suit the needs of your family.

These menus use a combination of small canned, packaged and long-term foods. Store extra bread in your freezer; however you may also bake homemade bread. Menus have homemade spaghetti sauce, AND spaghetti sauce in jars for times when you need quick prep or emergency cooking. You decide.

Snacks are included as many of us need to eat something between meals. Most meals are simple enough for a teen or spouse to prepare. Included are a few freezer foods, but don’t depend on your freezer unless you have a generator. Menus that require freezer foods are italicized. Most menus use shelf-stable products.

Store dry milk and dry eggs for times you are without power. Or use an egg substitute. Fruit could be canned or fresh. Store some packets of mayo or a few smaller containers for power outages. I tried to least the least expensive meals first on each list.

(For the updated list and printout go here)

39x Oatmeal, raisins, dry milk, water
9x Pancake from mix, Tang
24x Cold cereal, powdered milk, water
6x Wheat waffles, syrup, powdered, milk
3x Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins, water
3x Applesauce Spice Muffins, water
6x Muffins from mix, water

15x PB & J sandwich, fruit or veg, Tang
15x PB & Honey sandwich, fruit or veg, drink box
21x Tuna sandwich, baked beans, water
6x Ramen soup, fruit or veg, water
6x Macaroni & cheese, fruit or veg, V8 juice
6x Soup, crackers, dried fruit, water
6x Canned Pasta, banana chips, water
6x Chili w/beans, crackers, water
6x Canned Stew, crackers, water
3x Chicken salad sandwich, fruit or veg, water

6x Clam Chowder 19 oz., bread/butter
6x Easy Chicken Stew, bread/butter
6x Vegetable Soup 19 oz., bread/butter
6x Chicken, Vegetable, Pasta Soup 19 oz., saltine crackers
6x Spaghetti w/homemade sauce, vegetable, milk
3x Spaghetti w/jar sauce, vegetable, water
6x Quick Beef Chili w/corn *73 Biscuits
3x Pineapple Chicken *92, rice
3x Italian Pasta Salad *67, Biscuits
3x Chicken & Rice Casserole, Biscuits
3x Tuna w/ Egg Noodles, canned corn, milk
3x Chicken w/ Egg Noodles, canned corn, milk
3x Chicken a la King *94, rice, canned green beans
3x Creamy Chicken and green beans *160, mashed potatoes
3x Tuna, Noodles and peas, canned pears
3x Teriyaki Pineapple Beef, rice w/broth
3x Bisquick Vegetable pot pie, canned peaches, milk
3x Barbecue Beef Casserole *160, canned peaches
3x BBQ chicken on hamburger buns, canned peaches milk
3x Sloppy Joe's with canned meat on hamburger buns, applesauce
3x Enchilada Casserole w/corn, canned peaches
3x Beef Nacho Casserole, Spanish rice *98
3x Meat and gravy on mashed potatoes *88, canned green beans, milk

18x Food bar
3x Pretzels
6x Fruit snack
6x Graham crackers
6x M & M's
6x Hot cocoa drink(has milk)
3x Corn Chips, salsa jar
3x Chips w/refried beans & homemade salsa
12x Homemade popcorn
3x Simple Scones
3x Caramel Popcorn *114
3x Cake (from mix) w/frosting
3x Brownies (from mix)
3x Snicker doodles *110
3x Chocolate Chip Cookies
3x Chewy Oatmeal Cookies *109
3x Apple Crisp w/shelf whip topping
3x Light and Easy Fruit Cobbler*100

* Indicates a recipe in "Emergency Food Storage in a Nutshell" by Leslie Probert and the number indicates what page it is on. I love this book because her recipes use shelf stable foods. Of course you could substitute fresh meat for canned meat.


  1. Great ideas for meal planning! We were just discussing on the Preparedness Pro blog being prepared for a 90 day quarantine. If you're going to be cooped up, having a plan will definitely help.

    1. I can't believe this comment was made in 2009! Here we are 2020 and we're staring a 90 day quarantine right in the face. There is peace in preparedness. :)

  2. Very helpful video, thank you - I was pausing the video and taking notes all the way through. Maybe I'll find a printable version of the content :)

  3. If the power is out how will you cook all these muffins and things that need to be baked?

  4. Hi Jessica: My food storage includes some foods I use daily with power like muffins. I probably wouldn't be cooking them during a power outage. My prepared canned foods like canned soups, and Raviolis would be used during a power outage and I would cook them on my gas barbecue with side burner, or my Coleman stove. Hope that helps you.

    1. you can bake in a dutch oven with charcol or fire pit coals

    2. you can bake ona fire pit with a dutch oven or simply place charcols over it they sell themat bass pro shop

    3. Wood burning (freestanding) stoves are great- get cast iron pots/pans. My family did this every winter when power went out

    4. you can also cook in a solar oven. great tool to have in an outage.

    5. Coleman has a camping oven.

  5. I do know of others who have solar ovens for baking. Just have not looked into that.

  6. What do you do about mayonnaise for your tuna sandwiches?

    1. just high seed whip some oil, powdered egg, onions, spices of choice and a little vinegar....better than storebought....we dont buy it any longer

  7. I am not clear about your question regarding mayonnaise for tuna fish sandwiches. I purchase 2 or 3 extra jars of mayonnaise several times a year when it goes on sale, so the jars have different expiration dates. I purchase tuna by the case because it has a longer shelf life. Mayonnaise and tuna are great shelf stable foods.

  8. If you have an older gas stove with a pilot light, that will work in a power outage.
    It can't be a newer gas oven with electronic ignition, or it won't work. Must have the pilot light so it can turn off and on to regulate temperature.

  9. I have a Coleman oven that we would use, but I am looking into a solar oven. You could cook them the day before and eat them cold for breakfast. We do it all the time.

  10. Restaurant foil packs of mayo,catsup, mustard, jelly, salza, are available for purchase and do wonders for us in hurricane country during power outages.....

    1. I ask for ketchup andmayo everytime we eat fast food but I never use them. we save them for our stockpile. You can do the same for creamers, soysauce, tartar etc. Most people throw them away. I have a different baggie for each type.

  11. I don't see the link to the dinner menu ideas that have a * next to them. Am I not looking in the right place?

  12. Joanna: I just updated the post. Hope it is helpful.

  13. I just stopped in to see what you are up to these days.

    I have always been a pretty die hard scratch cook and recently I have had a shift in perspective.

    We are going through a time of under-employment since my hubby started a new job. Guess what I learned. My food storage menus are too tedious.

    I am making 12 loaves of bread per week, powdered milk every day and tedious scratch meals. Whew! When I restock I will simplify.


    1. What a great observation! We're 3 weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine and I was all into bread-baking in the beginning. Now, I'm switching to simpler meals. I may go back to baking bread, I just needed a break. :)

  14. Thank you for the menu ideas. I do suggest everyone learn how to care for and use cast iron pans and pots. Being you can use them on a wood fire in a long term power outage, they can save lives. You can even bake in them! :) (if you have a wood stove, it need to only have a flat top to be able to do some cooking there too)

  15. I saw the comment about not being able to use your gas stove if it is electronic ignition. I have a stove that has an electronic ignition and I am able to light it with a match you just don't have the clicking sound to know that it is striking. I an not able to light my over though. I also have a butane stove that uses butane canisters. The stove are safe to use in the house.

  16. I have heard great things about solar ovens. My cousin and sister use them so in case of an emergency they know how to do it. I also remember as a child we had severe East winds in Kaysville, UT. The power would be out for several days. My parents had a wood burning stove that we were able to heat a large room and cook for 3-4 families that didn't have heat or a way to cook. Some of my best memories!

  17. This website is amazing! I am just starting out on emergency preparedness.. Thank you.. My question is " does your list of suggested 3 month food storage plan have all the ingredients for these meal ideas listed above? If not is there a grocery list for the
    Meals listed above. Thanks I'm new and it's nice of you to share

    1. Not exactly. The Suggested 3-Month Food Storage list does not have all the ingredients in the menus above. But it will help you figure out what you want to store. You can adapt it as you wish.

  18. Once again I had a question about whether anyone online had already come up with such a list, and I found your site!! Oh how I love your site! Thanks so much for sharing! Bless you!

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  20. Love, love, love this post!! Thank you!!

  21. Do you still have the print out version of the 3 month/90 day menu ideas?

    1. Can't find it. Sorry. Just copy it into a Word document.

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  23. Hello there! We must all watch our weight. We work FD veggies into daily meals and everyone knows how to grind flour and prepare the long term items. I am looking for a calculator to input what i have and see how long it will last, particularly on a low calorie budget. Please help?


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