Monday, May 18, 2009

We’ve Been Working on the Garden, All The Live Long Day

We’ve been working on the garden, All the live long day,

We’ve been working on the garden, Just to pass the time away,

Can't you hear the wind a blowing, Rise up so early in the morn,

Can't you hear the wind a blowing, Mama, blow your horn


  1. Oh, your garden looks wonderful! Congratulations on a job well done.:)

    Your family is so beautiful,

  2. Beautiful! Love the organization! Vikki at

  3. Just a bit of concern about your railroad tyes. They've been treated with creasote that has been leached by the soil. I would not plant my edibles within their borders.

  4. Thanks for watching out for us, anonymous. I will do the best I can to put a barrier between the soil and the railroad ties. The rest of the lumber is untreated. Guess at this point we just pray over our garden.

  5. Great Blog.

    The Garden looks great! It is always fun to get the whole family involved.



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