Monday, April 6, 2009

72 Hour Kit Food Packs: Putting Them Together

On Saturday, our family put together our 72 Hour Kit food packs. It was a fun activity and went quickly. This would be a great family night activity. Here is how we did it. First I laid out all the food items on a table, and we opened all the plastic and boxes.

Next my 4 year-old had a good time putting the "replace by October 2009" labels on gallon-sized Ziploc bags; three per person. I like using these bags for several reasons.

1) three bags divides the food into 3 days
2) since you wouldn't eat everything all at once it’s a nice holding device
3) it prevents items from water damage
4) these same bags can also store trash
5) they make it easy for the kids to fill their bags each season

Then I told the kids how many of each item to put in their 3 bags. The older kids did their own filling. My husband was the camera man, so I filled our bags last realizing as I did that I was short on a few items. So I will have to go back to the store.

I helped our 4 year-old by holding her bags, and telling her what to grab from the table. Very fun for her. When we got to the bottled water, the kids took out their old water bottles from their backpacks and replaced them with new water. Hopefully after 4 years the old bottles will taste okay. We will replace the water once a year, instead of every 6 months like the food items. Hopefully I can stay on top of this. I put a task reminder in my Outlook calendar.

Some finished bags.

Our son goofing off with the cheap and not wise face masks.
We replaced these with new N95 medical masks. More on that in another post.

Our daughter trying out her bag. A bit heavy, but manageable.

More 72 Hour kit ideas are on the left sidebar of my blog.

For a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet of the items we put in our food packs go to my post March 24th.


  1. I love this post!! Can you please type a list of exactly what you put in the backpacks? I am always looking for new ideas.

  2. For a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet of the items we put in our food packs go to my March 24th

  3. Your such an inspiration! I want to go through my packs now. Love the details and even calorie counts on the list! Thanks :)

  4. You are amazing! Thanks for the advice from a mom who needs to get going! You show how easy it can be...thanks!

  5. Hi there,
    Thanks for all the info.
    I used a while ago but have come back to it as I update our 72 hour backpacks. It is becoming more important to me as I used to live in Christchurch, New Zealand and am now in Marlborough, on one of our countries biggest fault lines.

  6. Just letting you know about pop top items...they could explode or loose their seal in heat, or just over time. That would be a mess for sure! And mint gum will spread their flavor to EVERYTHING! Awesome job!!


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