March 6, 2009

Pictures of Food Storage Shelves, Pantries and Rooms


  1. WOW! I'm in awe. They are just as beautiful as...well, as... I don't know, but they look AWESOME! lol

  2. I'm not a member of the LDS church, but I've always looked for ways to save money. Your blog has given me some great ideas on how to better prepare for these uncertain times.

  3. A well laid out and organized approach to shelving, and absolute must when something is needed in a rush. Shelving Glasgow

  4. Wish I had a picture to send you of one method of storage, but alas I have none. I will tell you though of a less lovely, but as good as it got method of food storage that may help someone think outside their small spaces box.
    My hubby and I were living in a student housing trailer with 4 kiddos! Where does food storage go in that environment? All the likely spots - back corners of rooms, under couches, behind doors, above kitchen cupboards, and even covered by a lovely cloth posing as a living room end table. We still felt like there was so little food stored in our home, so we put our bed up on two horizontal (rather than the taller vertically kind) dressers - one on each side. We built a tower of food buckets where the old dressers had been and filled the underneath of our new loft bed with yet more food storage. with all of our efforts, we were finally able to manage to achieve that 3-month supply!

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