Thursday, February 26, 2009

New CERT Emergency Preparedness Printables

I just downloaded the following CERT Emergency Preparedness printables given to me by a friend in our ward. They are all in PDF file. Thanks, Tim!

CERT - Preparing Your Family For Disaster
CERT - Home Hazard Hunt
CERT - Preparing Your Vehicle
CERT - Emergency Lighting
CERT - Emergency Sanitation
CERT - Water Storage
CERT - Special Needs
CERT - Dog Ready for Disaster
CERT - Cat Ready for Disaster
CERT - Coping With Crisis
CERT - Securing Your Water Heater
CERT - Practice Your Emergency Plan
CERT - Accidental Poisoning
CERT - Earthquake Safety
CERT - Evacuation Plan
CERT - Shelter in Place
CERT - Carbon Monoxide, the Silent Killer

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